5 Gifts For Gut Health This Holiday Season

Jenn Malecha

December 14, 2017

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5 Gifts For Gut Health This Holiday Season

The holidays can be tough on your gut health for a variety of reasons:

The tendency to eat or drink foods and beverages you wouldn’t normally consume can contribute to inflammation
Stress or an influx in toxin exposures from traveling impairs gut function and create digestive upset
Lack of sleep due to holiday festivities, last minute shopping and travel leaves less time for your gut to fully repair itself overnight

Here are 5 gifts to give your gut this holiday season to help you keep your gut health intact:

1) Green Tea

Green tea has an active ingredient called polyphenol EGCG which helps to modulate genes and produce an anti-inflammatory effect. Having one cup of green tea per day can help to keep inflammation at bay and your gut happy.

2) Collagen Peptides

Collagen peptides provide the amino acids necessary in order for the body to repair the intestinal lining when damage does occur. Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides are flavorless and can be added to your everyday drinking water for a powerful healing punch.

3) Deep Breathing

When we adopt the deep rhythmic breathing patterns of a relaxed person, our body automatically switches from the stressed, fight or flight, response and into a relaxed state. When we are relaxed, our body directs all of it’s resources inwards for digesting and healing. Try a few rounds of inhaling, holding and exhaling for a count of 5 seconds .

4) Bone Broth

Bone broth is rich in minerals for the immune system (which lives in your gut!). Plus, it has healing gut properties such as glutamine, collagen, glycine and proline. Consider sipping on a cup of bone broth a day or incorporating it into soups and other recipes for its gut healing goodness.

5) Abdominal Massage

Abdominal massage is not only relaxing but it also can help with peristalsis for improved digestion and to sooth the smooth musculature of the digestive tract. Place both of your hands near your belly button with slight pressure, move in a counterclockwise direction starting as a small circle and gradually making larger circles.

A healthy gut makes for a happier holiday.

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Hey. This is Jen the (W)Holistic Health Boss and Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner. I’m excited to be here on the Rebel Health Tribe blog sharing with you five gifts that you can give your gut this holiday season. Now, let’s be honest. The holidays can be really rough on our gut health, right, for a variety of reasons. Mostly because we are usually indulging in foods and drinks that we probably don’t normally eat that maybe aren’t exactly the best things for our body. Often time these food or drinks can create inflammation that wears down the intestinal lining but also during the holidays when we’re traveling and encountering more toxins as a result of traveling, or from mental emotional stress, or from lack of sleep during the holidays, all of those things can start to wear down on our gut health as well. What I want to share with you guys today are basically five gifts that you can give your gut this holiday season to help boost your gut health and offset some of the negative impacts of some of those activities that we maybe participate in or get engaged in during the holiday season.

Gift number one that you can give your gut this holiday season is something as simple as green tea. Green tea has an active ingredient called polyphenols ECGC, which modulates genes and produces and anti inflammatory effect. You can look to incorporate maybe a cup of green tea on a daily basis for these anti inflammatory benefits that it has for your gut specifically. Now my favorite green tea is this Zhenas Gypsy’s. Zhenas Gypsy Tea, which is organic fair trade. It’s actually a coconut chai flavor that is festive for the holiday season but really any kind of organic, non GMO, good quality green tea is going to have those anti inflammatory benefits for you. You can even grab some green tea from your local Starbucks instead of a coffee to get in your green tea and get in some anti inflammatory benefits. Right.

Gift number two that you can give your gut this holiday season is collagen peptides. Now collagen peptides provide the amino acids in order for the gut to repair itself. My favorite collagen peptides are Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides. These little single packet sticks that we have here that they provide or that you can buy from them. That’s because the collagen peptides from Vital Proteins mixes really easily in water. These single serving packets are really easy to take with you when you’re traveling for the holidays. When I get to the airport, when I’m traveling for the holidays, the first thing that I do is grab a bottle of water, pour in my collagen peptides and then I have that in my water to drink throughout my travel so that my gut can constantly be having the available nutrients in order to repair itself from all of the things we talked about before that can have a negative impact on gut health overall. Right.

Gift number three that you can give your gut this holiday season is deep breathing. When we are moving at a fast pace going from one thing to the next and during the holidays we have so much stuff that is going on. Basically that can elicit a stress response or the fight or flight response. We get into sympathetic mode. In sympathetic mode, in that fight or flight response, our body diverts all of its resources and nutrients outward to our legs and our arms for quick moving and up to our brain for quick thinking, which starves off nutrients and resources for the center of our body and our digestive system. Digestive stress, about 75% of it, comes from who we are being on a regular basis. If we want to reduce digestive stress than we can take moments throughout the day to slow down and to get into the parasympathetic or rest and digest mode, essentially.

The easiest, quickest way for you to do that is to adopt the deep rhythmic breathing patterns of a relaxed person. When we do deep breathing, inhaling, holding, and exhaling for the count of five or longer, than that immediately flips the switch in our brain and takes us out of that sympathetic stress response, fight or flight, and into parasympathetic rest and digest mode. I always recommend for my clients deep breathing, specifically around meal times, to prepare the body for digesting your food, but also the more that you can incorporate deep breathing throughout the course of the day, than you’re going to create more space and create more resources available to your gut for it to actually heal and repair itself. You can stop throughout the day over the course of the holidays and do some deep breathing.

Now, gift number four is bone broth. Bone broth is rich in minerals that support immune system function. About 80% of our immune system lives within our gut. But bone broth also has healing compounds for the gut such as glutamine, collagen, glycine, and proline. You can look to incorporate bone broth on a regular basis, really easy. You guys can get something like the Pacific Organic brand at your local health food store, a Whole Foods, Sprout, Jimbos, something like that. You can sip on a cup of warm bone broth as it’s colder outside. Any recipes that call for broth as an ingredient always use bone broth instead of regular stock.

Maybe just look to cook more soups and stews during the holiday season as well so that you can incorporate bone broth. One of my favorite simple recipes that I make is a really simple chicken soup. It takes about ten minutes. I just do a little bit of bone broth, two chopped stalks of celery, a chop carrot, a little bit of salt, and some chicken. Boil that for just a few minutes to cook the chicken through. There you have a delicious, simple, chicken soup recipe with bone broth and all the gut healing benefits with it too.

Now, the fifth gift that you can give your gut this holiday season is abdominal massage. You can do this a couple of different ways. You can either find a massage therapist or acupuncturist that maybe specializes in maybe Mayan abdominal massage or other types of abdominal massage techniques or you can actually do abdominal massage on yourself. Abdominal massage therapies are typically used for fertility reasons but they also aid in digestion because they help with peristalsis. They help to move food and other things through the digestive track.

If you’re going to do it on yourself you can use your two hands your fingers together. Starting close to your belly button and then move in a small circle around your belly button from left to right. Slowly making big circles as you go so you can do that a couple of times. Do that maybe three to five times. You might actually feel some movement of maybe some air bubbles or pockets in there. I always feel better whenever I do some abdominal massage. It might even promote a bowel movement, which helps you to eliminate toxins and move things through the intestinal lining also.

Those are five different gifts that you guys can give your gut this holiday season. To offset some of the negative impacts that the holidays have on our gut health overall. I hope you guys found this helpful. If you want more cool content like this, and other health tips, go ahead and head on over to my website wholistichealthboss.com.