6 Reasons To Start Your Vegetable Garden This Year

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6 Reasons To Start Your Vegetable Garden This Year. There are vast benefits to starting your own vegetable garden (especially if you have kids). It’s far better than just eating organic, there’s less waste, the food tastes better and contains more nutrients than produce that’s been shipped across the globe, or even across town. If you have kids, they’ll get the added benefit of knowing what real food looks like and where it comes from. They’ll even enjoy eating their veggies more. Imagine that!

Think you need to have a huge piece of property for grow food?

Not true!

You can begin growing food this year even with virtually no property.

Think you need to be a seasoned expert on soil and agriculture?


I’ll give you resources that will turn you into a growing superstar in no time!

Here’s a short list of even more reasons why you need to start your own vegetable garden this year, even if you’ve never grow anything before, and even if you have very limited space.

1. As Local As Local Gets

Being a “locavore” has tremendous benefits. There’s nothing better and more nourishing than consuming fresh vegetable grown in healthy organic soil. The faster these veggies are eaten, the more packed with nutrients they are. So imagine picking fresh greens, carrots, peppers and more right from your own backyard (or front yard, or balcony, or rooftop) and eating them immediately.

The taste difference is unreal. If you’ve never tasted a tomato, picked at peak ripeness right off the vine, you have not tasted a tomato. Period. There’s no such thing and a tomato in a grocery store that was picked ripe. They’re picked green so they last longer on the shelf.

The best way to ensure how healthy you and your family eats, is to know your farmer and to know what goes into the soil and on the plants themselves.

Well, now imagine that YOU are the farmer.

You control how healthy your soil is.

You control what does and does not get sprayed on your food.

Local means having a positive impact on the planet too…

2. Reduce Your Footprint On The Planet

Do you know where your organic produce comes from?

Chances are that organic pepper you picked up at your favorite health market was shipped in from thousands of miles away. After is was dieseled across the planet it was packed in plastic, and maybe placed in another plastic bag at the store. Not so good for the planet.

Not so good for you either.

The truth is, factory farming is still factory farm and while organic farms do not use synthetic chemicals, they do still use chemicals.

Now, I don’t say this to make anyone feel bad about eating organic, or even conventional foods. I certainly don’t get all my food from my own garden either. Yet.

I say this because if you’re reading this, you’re probably a health and environmentally conscious person. However, you may not be aware of just how easy it can be to grow a LOT of your own vegetables.

If anything, I’m trying to convince you–better yet, EMPOWER you–and let you know that you CAN do this and it will be well worth your time and effort.

Furthermore, gardening, when done correctly, will sequester more CO2 from the environment.

Look, even if you don’t agree with what 97% of environmental scientists say about CO2, climate change and human impact, everyone can agree that the more we do to reduce our carbon footprint the better.

Imagine if more people had a vegetable garden. Imagine if the majority of folks did. What if most people had a healthy garden on whatever sized property they had.

We would certainly be healthier for it, and our planet would be healthier for it too.

3. Get Outside More

We live in a florescent lit, carpet and linoleum covered world. We stare at digital screens all day. We sit too much. I’m as guilty as anyone for these infractions against my own well being.

I’m getting better.

Gardening for me has been transformative in the process of getting closer to nature. Not only is it an excuse to get outside more, it’s a requirement. It’s fun, it’s work and it’s exercise. It causes you to move and soak up some natural vitamin D.

We also get to play in the mud which is not only fun, it might be one of the biggest missing pieces to having better health.

4. Soil Is Good For You

As a species we evolved together with tiny little organisms found in soil. Today, we’ve become a germ-fearing, hand-sanitizer addicted culture.

What’s the impact?

We’re far less healthy partly because we have a far less diverse microbiome.

As microbiologist, Kiran Krishnan, has said in our Microbiome Series, “Bacteria gives us life. Without bacteria we cannot exist and the vast majority of bacteria are good. There are a few bacteria that cause disease, and they cause disease because of the absence of the good bacteria.”

So, get out there and play in the dirt. Let your kids play in the dirt. You’ll be healthier and happier* for it!

* Literally, there are species of bacteria in the soil that increase serotonin and norepinephrine levels in humans.

5. Save Boat Loads Of Money!

This is especially true if you’re buying an organic product from certain places that will remain nameless (but it’s Whole Foods… oops).

Even if you’re super frugal and hitting local farm stands and farmers markets, you’ll still save significant dough by growing your own.

Consider this: A recent Gallup poll asked Americans to list areas in which they are spending more money. Surprisingly it wasn’t gas, rent or cable. It wasn’t even health care. Groceries, more than any other category, was their number one answer for rising costs.

The answer? Grow you own food!

6. It’s Easy!

You might be surprised to know just how easy it can be to start a vegetable garden.

That’s why our Chief Soil and Garden Expert, and Rebel Health Ninja, Jessica Smith, put together this short e-book called “5 Simple Garden Hacks For Your Easiest Most Successful Growing Season.”

When you download the e-book you’ll also be registered for our upcoming Garden Series where you’ll learn from some of the best-known experts in the world of gardening, soil and sustainable living.

Download the E-Book and Join The Garden Series Today! <==

You can also read her article How To Start a Vegetable Garden From Scratch, here.

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