Dr. Achina Stein

Psychiatric Manifestations of Autoimmune Disorders

Dr. Achina Stein educates on the often-overlooked connections between autoimmune disease and symptoms related to mental & emotional health – such as depression, anxiety, OCD, and bipolar disorder. You’ll learn about several specific AI conditions, possible mechanisms behind these challenges, and ways to investigate root causes effectively. Dr. Stein also shares important information on the gut-brain-autoimmune connection that would benefit anyone looking to optimize their mental health.

  • The psychiatric symptoms that can accompany autoimmune disorders
  • The three root causes that lead to autoimmunity
  • What raises your index of suspicious of having an autoimmune disorder
  • What you can do to reverse these symptoms if you catch early enough or reduce the burden to your body.

You Will Get Clarity On:

These topics and MUCH more will be covered as part of this first-of-its-kind, comprehensive masterclass!!

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