The Autoimmune Masterclass

Michael McEvoy

RCCX: Autoimmunity, Psychiatric Illness, Emotional Processing, & Joint Hypermobility

Autoimmune Masterclass - Michael McEvoy - RCCX: Autoimmunity, Psychiatric Illness, Emotional Processing, & Joint Hypermobility
Michael McEvoy is a cutting-edge researcher and educator who will be sharing with you some brand new research he’s only recently begun sharing with doctors and practitioners in the functional medicine world. If you, or anyone you know, suffers from any connective tissue disorder, autoimmune disease, or psychiatric presentation (such as schizophrenia) –
we highly recommend you watch (and share) this presentation! You will be hearing more about the RCCX gene cluster as we gain more advanced research tools – and as word spreads throughout the functional medicine community.
Important Talking Points:
  • The RCCX gene cluster is located on chromosome 6, and is one of the most complex gene clusters in the entire human genome
  • Clinically useful testing for this gene cluster is not yet commercially available – one must use symptoms, history, investigative questioning, etc…
  • There are several very important genes that can be impacted in an individual who fits the RCCX profile, including CYP21a2 (related to the production of cortisol and aldosterone), Complement C4 (linked to autoimmunity, autism, and schizophrenia), and TNXB (related to dysfunctions of the extracellular matrix and connective tissue symptoms).
  • Michael and others who are studying the RCCX gene cluster have found many ways to offset and workaround some of the challenging situations individuals with this issue might find themselves in – and he shares them with you!
This is next-level information that is only starting to get out to functional doctors and health practitioners. Michael has created the only professional training on RCCX, which is available on his website. If you are a health professional – we’d recommend checking it out. If not, we recommend sharing with your doctor or practitioner!
Michael Roesslein, MS, FDN, HLC

Michael Roesslein

Your Host

Michael Roesslein is a co-founder of Rebel Health Tribe, a certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach and holds a Master’s Degree in Exercise Science & Health Promotion. He has spent the last 10 years as a trainer, coach, educator, and speaker at several national conferences and summits.

Michael McEvoy

Michael McEvoy

Our Guest

Michael McEvoy is the founder of He’s a clinician and educator who has created Functional Medicine-based platforms, which integrates modern health data analysis with evidence-based therapeutic interventions. Michael is a systems creator, integrator and synthesizer of diverse clinical modalities. Through unique educational and teaching endeavors, Michael’s objective is to assemble a network of the world’s top clinicians to meet the demands and challenges of 21st century functional medicine, and to implement the analytical tools and frameworks required.

You Will Get Clarity On:

These topics and MUCH more will be covered as part of this first-of-its-kind, comprehensive masterclass!!