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Dr. Terry Wahls

Dietary Approaches to Wellness: The Wahls Protocol (for Autoimmunity)

Dr. Terry Wahls has gained an international following due, in large part, to her incredible, inspirational TED Talk that has now been seen by over 3,000,000 people!
She shares the story of her own amazing healing journey – from wheelchair to 18 mile bike races in under a year, reversing her own autoimmune condition, Multiple Sclerosis.
Highlights Include:
  • Dr. Wahls unbelievable healing journey – and how she reversed her own degenerative MS. (We dare you not to cry.)
  • A discussion on the groundbreaking clinical studies she’s been running for the last 4+ years to demonstrate the healing power of dietary and lifestyle interventions in MS specifically
  • The basics of the Wahls Protocol for Autoimmunity: a food and lifestyle medicine approach to reversing AI disease and regaining your life
  • Simple ways to get your entire family on board with eating a nutrient-dense whole food diet
If there are “rock stars” in the arena of functional medicine and the treatment of autoimmune disease – Dr. Wahls is one of the originals! Her work has laid the path for hundreds of practitioners to follow – and helped tens of thousands of people improve their quality of life, something which is truly invaluable.

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Dr. Terry Wahls

Dr. Terry Wahls is an Institute for Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner and a clinical professor of medicine at the University of Iowa where she conducts clinical trials.

In 2018 she was awarded the Institute for Functional Medicine’s Linus Pauling Award for her contributions in research, clinical care and patient advocacy. She is also a patient with secondary progressive multiple sclerosis, which confined her to a tilt-recline wheelchair for four years. Dr. Wahls restored her health using a diet and lifestyle program she designed specifically for her brain and now pedals her bike to work each day. She is the author of The Wahls Protocol: How I Beat Progressive MS Using Paleo Principles and Functional Medicine, The Wahls Protocol: A Radical New Way to Treat All Chronic Autoimmune Conditions Using Paleo Principles (paperback), and the cookbook The Wahls Protocol Cooking for Life: The Revolutionary Modern Paleo Plan to Treat All Chronic Autoimmune Conditions.

She conducts clinical trials that test the effect of nutrition and lifestyle interventions to treat MS and other progressive health problems. She also teaches the public and medical community about the healing power of the Paleo diet and therapeutic lifestyle changes that restore health and vitality to our citizens. She hosts a Wahls Protocol Seminar every summer where anyone can learn how to implement the Protocol with ease and success. Follow her on Facebook (Terry Wahls MD), on Instagram https://instagram.com/drterrywahls , and on Twitter at @TerryWahls. Learn more about her MS clinical trials by reaching out to her team: [email protected] Pick up a copies of our research papers at https://terrywahls.com/researchpapers/ and a one-page handout for the Wahls™ Diet at https://terrywahls.com/diet/