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Hello and welcome!

We’re so grateful you’ve signed up to join us for the upcoming Autoimmune Masterclass!

We figured you might not want to wait to get started, so we’ve made one of the presentations available right away!

Head on over to your inbox and gain access to your first presentation, “Autoimmune from 30,000 Feet: Triggers, Root Causes & Practical Solutions” from our friend and colleague, Torea Rodriguez!

It’s a great starter presentation which will give you a comprehensive overview of the many potential root causes and triggers of autoimmunity, some basics on autoimmune physiology, as well as some recommendations pertaining to lab testing – and finally, dozens of very practical actions steps you can begin right away!

Remember, the entire Masterclass will air on Saturday, May 11th and Sunday, May 12th!

Do you have any friends, family members, or co-workers who are dealing with some form of autoimmunity? If so, please share this link with them, so they can register to watch for free as well: https://rebelhealthtribe.com/ai-masterclass/

It’s our mission to help as many people as possible with this information, so please help us spread the word!

We’re grateful to have you here. Welcome to the tribe!

In Health & Happiness,

The Entire Team at Rebel Health Tribe
(Michael, Joe, Jason, Jessica, and Whitney)