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Dr. Titus Chiu

When Diet is Not Enough – A Functional Neurology Approach to Anxiety & Autoimmunity


Dr. Titus Chiu is a leading educator in the area of functional neurology – how brain function (or dysfunction) impacts our overall health, and what can be done to improve it! This is a fascinating look at the chemical, physical, and emotional brain – and the role that health (or dis-ease) any of those three areas can play in the development of anxiety and autoimmunity.

A few highlights:

  • How a skilled functional neurologist assesses his patients for dysfunction across all three levels of the brain (chemical, physical, and emotional) – and what can be done to repair.
  • The role that injury, degeneration, or chemical imbalance (which is generally downstream from other issues) can play in the development of common symptoms like anxiety, brain fog, and more!
  • An overview of the vagal nerve, its systemic importance, and several ways to increase/improve vagal tone
  • Learn fun technologies and tools being used to repair and improve the function of various regions of the brain – leading to better health and more balance throughout the entire nervous system.
Dr. Chiu makes learning about the brain fun! He’s been teaching other doctors for over a decade, and now you can learn directly from one of the leading functional neurologists in the entire field!

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Dr. Titus Chiu

Dr. Titus Chiu is a #1 bestselling author, award-winning international speaker, and Functional Neurologist who helps people struggling with anxiety, autoimmunity and chronic neurological conditions get well and stay well through personalized brain healing programs, online masterclasses, and in-person VIP visits.

Dr. Chiu has a deep passion for teaching and had the honor to present at the 2017 Institute for Functional Medicine’s Annual International Conference on the Brain. He was also a featured speaker in Dr. Mark Hyman’s groundbreaking docu-series Broken Brain 1 and 2.

You can learn more about Dr. Chiu and his unique approach to brain health at