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Torea Rodriguez

Autoimmune from 30,000 Feet – Triggers, Root Causes, & Practical Solutions

Torea Rodriguez, FDN-P
Autoimmune from 30,000 Feet – Triggers, Root Causes, & Practical Solutions
Torea Rodriguez gives us a fantastic “30,000’ overview” of autoimmune disease – the root causes, potential triggers, lab testing recommendations, and many practical suggestions. This is a great starting point and primer for those who aren’t familiar with much of the information around autoimmunity from a functional perspective. We recommend you start here!
Covered in this Video:
  • There is no single root cause of autoimmunity– Torea will explore several possibilities with you
  • The old approach to autoimmunity involved ignoring symptoms, waiting until a diagnosis is received, treating it like a disease of the organ being affected (it’s actually a disease of the immune system), and was generally unsuccessful
  • The new approach is more proactive, focused on investigative work to determine drivers, triggers, root causes, and based on early detection, lifestyle, diet, and other natural interventions in early stages
  • Mindset is everything. Autoimmune doesn’t happen to you, it happens for you – it’s all about perspective! Our thoughts and emotions have a direct impact on our biology.
Having been through a long healing process from two autoimmune conditions that ended her previous career (professional pilot – hence the 30,000’ analogies), Torea is able to speak from a compassionate place of experience, non-judgment, and calm confidence. After walking the healing path herself, it’s now her passion to help as many other people as possible to heal themselves and live their best lives.

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Torea Rodriguez

After completing her undergraduate degree in Biochemistry, Toréa has embodied transformation and self-discovery. She’s worked at some of the leading dot-com Silicon Valley companies, has held executive positions and she used to be a professional pilot flying jets for private families & charter companies out of the San Francisco Bay Area.

Her diagnosis of two debilitating autoimmune diseases brought her back to biochemistry, not only achieving full remission, but also certification as a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® Practitioner. During that time discovered her love of coaching.

Today, she coaches her professional clients through their own unique transformational experience that helps restore health, vitality and performance so that they can focus on their priorities without sacrificing their health.