At EcoHuman Health, we focus on complete human wellness by integrating modern science with ancestral wisdom to create individualized programs that focus on what YOU need to feel physically vibrant, emotionally balanced and mentally sharp. Brad Rudner co-founder EcoHuman Health Brad has worked with a broad demographic of people with a focus on health, education and nature for over 25 years. He has been a medical industry insider and is now board certified as a holistic health practitioner; giving him a unique perspective working with clients. He writes, presents, teaches, and runs excursions that empower people in utilizing their environmental cues and inputs – their inner and outer ecology – for optimal health. Brad is also involved in graduate research with eco-therapy, which he plans to incorporate further with clients as he gains his clinical counsellor designation. Bree Rudner co-founder EcoHuman Health Bree has been dedicated to learning and living through good nutrition and fitness throughout her life. However, despite this, she still was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. Through her own healing journey, she recognized how much more there is to complete well-being. This inspired her to pursue further training and guide others to have similar transformations. By truly listening and being present with you, she connects with your uniqueness and complexity. She will guide you through the building blocks of restoring health and vitality on all levels. She’s a certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, qualified bioenergy healer, leads women’s groups and works 1:1 with a wide variety of clients. She also uses PEMF therapy and photobiomodulation amongst other things in her practice. Website: