Hi. I'm Chel (like a sea shell). I'm a hypnotherapist, and guided meditation artist focused on helping modern busy people get calm and clear so they can create a more joyful life. For more meditations like this one check out my (free!) short guided meditation podcast on iTunes today -> Meditation Minis

Zen Now Get Calm and Clear in 10 Minutes or Less

Zen Now: Get Calm and Clear in 10 Minutes or Less

It’s important that you only listen to this audio when you are in a place where you are safe to close your eyes and relax. And in 10 minutes or less, we will get calm and clear to get your Zen on. But the beauty of this process is after you’ve gone through it, you can actually begin to just tap into or dip down into that calm, clear state inside throughout the day, without it even taking 10 minutes.