February 6th and 7th

You Are Invited To Join Us As a Guest Presenter For The Rebel Health Tribe Autoimmune Masterclass 2.0!

Hello friends and colleagues!

We welcome you to join us as a featured guest expert in the Rebel Health Tribe Autoimmune Masterclass 2.0 Event!


Who Are We and What is This Event?

For over 5 years, RHT has been creating, curating, and marketing high-level, no-fluff health education content to an engaged audience of health seekers, people suffering from chronic illness, coaches, practitioners, and doctors.
In 2018, we launched the Microbiome Masterclass – and in 2019, we launched the original Autoimmune Masterclass. Both were high impact and received rave reviews from participants and audience members alike!
The Autoimmune Masterclass 2.0 will be the 4th installment in this series, as we have a Brain & Nervous System Masterclass airing in December of 2020 – before this one hits the world! This event will feature between 15-20 professional presentations from guest experts across a broad array of topics pertaining to the epidemic of autoimmunity.

Important Dates:

September 16th

We begin recording expert presentations. (See below for details)

December 1st

Final day for recording presentations. BOOK HERE (choose “RHT Masterclass Recording”)

January 19th – February 5th

Promotional window for Masterclass Event begins

February 6th/7th

Two-Day Masterclass Event Airs

February 8th

Encore Day (Affiliate commissions generally increase 40% w/ Encore Day email)

Why Autoimmunity and Why Another Autoimmune Masterclass?

Autoimmunity became a personal topic for me back in 2017 when my wife, Mira, experienced the first of what has now been 3 serious, painful, scary autoimmune flares. The first Autoimmune Masterclass was born out of our own healing journey to get flare #2 under control.

Then, approximately one year ago (Sept 2019), she experienced another flare after moving from San Diego to Berkeley, changing jobs (she’s an ER nurse), disrupting her circadian rhythm (working evenings), and moving into close quarters with family/her childhood home – plus a little black mold exposure for good measure.

The past year has been the most challenging of our lives – and the road back to health has been one filled with ups and downs, victories and terrifying moments, and ultimately, we’ve both learned and grown along the way.

Once again, we’d like to share with the RHT audience some of what we’ve learned on this even deeper dive into autoimmunity, and share another round of high-value information, recommendations, and research that may help them navigate their own journeys.


What do we need from you?

  • Each guest expert shares a professional presentation (slides highly preferred) approximately 30-40 minutes in length. With the introduction at the beginning, and a few questions at the end (which I write while watching your presentation), recordings are generally around 60 minutes.
    NOTE: We highly prefer presentations vs. interviews as this is marketed as high-level content, learned directly from the best experts we can find. A true masterclass. Not just discussions/interviews, etc… And our audience loves it. We get a ton of positive feedback around the format.
  • At least one solo email to your audience (more is always welcome, especially promos of the event starting and/or the encore day) between January 19th and February 5th along with at least one social media post.
    NOTE: We know not everyone being invited to this masterclass is a marketer/has an email list, etc… We aim to provide the best content possible, regardless of the size of someone’s online audience. This is why dedicated support from those who do have an online audience is even more important.

What are the benefits of participation?

  • The Rebel Health Tribe community consists of 30k people who are passionate about health and a natural approach to healing. Our tribe is a mix of laypersons and professionals, most who would identify themselves as “health nerds” who are always seeking (and sharing) the best information they can find. Many are leaders within their own communities and looked to as the local expert.
  • Over 15k people attended/watched the Autoimmune Masterclass last summer, and we expect at least that many for this one. (Probably more… but I prefer to under-promise and over-deliver) It’s not as big of an audience as some summits/events, but it’s also much more hyper-focused/targeted and engaged.
  • Our affiliates for the Autoimmune Masterclass earned over $1/click and between $2-$5/lead – plus bonuses for most leads and sales. We have a few things in the works this time around to raise ticket averages and commissions… but those numbers are solid when compared to current industry averages.
  • It’s fun! I am consistently told by guest experts that they enjoy participating, get great feedback from their people who watch, and get to meet/collaborate with many other excellent professionals in their niche area of focus.
  • We are happy to offer a reciprocal promotion to anything you’d like in exchange for your participation and promotion of this event. After you build rapport w/ them as part of the masterclass, conversions on these promotions are generally quite high.


Who has participated in your events?

We are incredibly grateful for the support and collaboration from dozens of the industry’s leading experts, authors, doctors, researchers, and other practitioners. Here’s a list of participants from our two previous Masterclass offerings:
  • Dr. Datis Kharrazian
  • Dr. Terry Wahls
  • Dr. Jolene Brighten
  • Microbiologist Kiran Krishnan
  • Dr. Maya Shetreat
  • Dr. Titus Chiu
  • Dr. Keesha Ewers
  • Dr. Christine Schaffner
  • Dr. Kara Fitzgerald
  • Dr. Michelle Perro
  • Lara Adler
  • Jason Prall
  • Dr. Carrie Jones
  • Dr. Grace Liu
  • Michael McEvoy
  • Nick Pineault
  • Dr. Natasha Fallahi
  • Jennifer Fugo
  • Dr. Kirk Gair
  • Dr. Alejandra Carrasco
  • Dr. Jessica Peatross
  • Dr. Jared Seigler