Here are some specific SEO tips for organizing the posts when you are writing and setting them up.
1. 1 keyword focus per post. For example, if your topic is detoxification with infrared saunas, try to think about what most people might be searching for as the main theme for this topic… like “infrared saunas”.
2. The URL should be — so using the example above,
3. The keyword should be in the title of the post. For example, “How to Detoxify Your Body with Infrared Saunas”.
4. H tags and structure. The title of the post is automatically setup as an H1 tag in wordpress which means the highest level of your outline. You can then nest H2 tags underneath that for the next level of the content outline, and even H3 tags underneath of those H2 tags. These tags might sound technical but just think of them as labels on your outline structure, H1 being no indentation, H2 being the first layer of indentation and H3 being the next layer of indentation after that.
5. The keyword or variation(s) of the keyword should be in an <H2> (Heading 2) tag inside the post. For example, we could use a singular version of the keyword as a variation in an H2 tag somewhere in this post — “How to Shop for An Infrared Sauna”.
Use H2 and H3 tags as much as possible to separate content and keep it organized. When possible use variations or synonyms of the keyword inside these tags.
6. When you use a featured image, before uploading, rename the file to keyword.jpg (or .png, .gif or whatever the file is to begin with), so for example infrared-saunas.png
7. Set the alt tag of the image to the keyword – “infrared saunas” in our example. (alt tag is a field that becomes available when you upload the image to wordpress)
8. When possible link out to wikipedia or other authority sites on the topic of the keyword you are covering. (don’t always use wikipedia, mix it up and use other sites too, like your featured guest’ sites, or other media sites, non-competitive authority sites, etc.)
9. Use Youtube videos – your own or other neutral/informational videos when you can.
10. Interlink to other content on (or to the home page) when it makes sense.
11. The more words, the better, especially when those words are really well structured and organized using the H tags outline structure. A top notch, killer authority article is 5000+ words. A great one is 2500-5000 words. An average one is 1000-2500 words. Below 1000 words is not ideal, so if you can get word count above 1000, please do so!