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[Webinar Replay] The Community Cure: Transforming Health Outcomes Together with James Maskell

James’ new book – The Community Cure is available this week only for free download (ends on 1/18). Click Here to grab your copy right now! In the book, you’ll hear incredible, inspiring stories, learn more about various ways to structure community-based medical/healing groups, research and hard evidence supporting this movement, and ways you can get involved locally – along…


Setting Boundaries for Better Health

Video Transcript Jason Boyd:                       Hey, what’s up everybody, Jason Boyd with Bio+Logical Health & Nutrition. And I’m sitting here with my good friend, Dr. Regina van Berg. Today, we’re going to be talking about boundaries. So a few weeks ago I wrote an article about relationships and how when I talk with clients about getting…


Making Sense of Genetics Part 2

Get Your Own TrueReport from Michael McEvoy & Metabolic Healing Video Transcript Next, we have our sulfation section. These are the SUL2A1 genes. This is another detoxification gene. We have another section here known as estrogen metabolism genetics. I created this section several years ago and added to it recently because it provides some insight…


Making Sense of Genetics Part 3

Get Your Own TrueReport from Michael McEvoy & Metabolic Healing Video Transcript And the last few sections in the report, vitamin A and vitamin D metabolism. So vitamin A, this is a really good section. I’m really interested in learning more about all the things that vitamin A are doing in the body and it’s…


Making Sense of Genetics Part 1

Get Your Own TrueReport from Michael McEvoy & Metabolic Healing Video Transcript Hi, this is Michael McEvoy. Thanks for tuning in today. I’m the founder of metabolichealing.com, and the lab test analysis in genetics test analysis software True Report. The web address for that is true.report. That’s true.report, and that’s what we’re looking at here…

healthy cell traffic and communication

Healthy Cell Traffic and Communication

Healthy Cell Traffic: Red Light, Red light, Turn to Green Healthy cell traffic and communication matters. As many of us commute to and from throughout the day using various vehicles for transportation we often don’t think about our bodies own traffic system. We drive our cars from here to there and encounter traffic along the…


[Webinar Replay] Acid Reflux, H. Pylori, Ulcers & Upper GI Solutions with Kiran Krishnan [Part 1]

Part 2 of this webinar series is available to watch here. Webinar Video Transcribed Michael:                               All right, it says we’re live. Hello, everybody. Oh, Kiran, you just went away. There, you came back. Okay. Kiran Krishnan:                  Hey, I’m back. Michael:                               He’s back. That was it, everybody. We did it. It’s over. Kiran Krishnan:                  That was…


MegaGuard: Acid Reflux, H. Pylori, Ulcers & Upper GI Solutions

MegaGuard MegaGuard is a novel digestive aid that combines protective licorice, cleansing artichoke, and soothing ginger to promote normal digestion, balance stomach acid, and reduce occasional digestive discomforts such as gas, bloating, and indigestion. Background of MegaGuard Stomach and gallbladder dysfunction affects roughly 7 million people in the United States. And to make matters worse, problems…