[Webinar Replay] New Research on the Gut-Brain Connection & Psychobiotics with Kiran Krishnan

We are joined by our favorite microbiologist, Kiran Krishnan, to discuss some exciting new discoveries and research pertaining to the powerful gut-brain connection. Kiran shares how a dysfunctional gut becomes toxic to your brain, driving mood, focus, sleep, and memory problems!
Learn the intimate connection between the gut and brain (and how it’s actually the “first” brain – and not the second), the 2 biggest drivers of brain toxicity that come from gut dysbiosis, and how a perpetual cycle of gut-brain inflammation drives mood and sleep disorders! Want to know how to end this cycle and stop the escalating toxicity on the brain? Tune into this webinar replay!


[Webinar Replay] RHT Product Spotlight: MegaMucosa with Microbiologist Kiran Krishnan

Shop Now Webinar Transcript Kiran Krishnan:                  And we are recording. The product spotlight for MegaMucosa, that’s going to be the topic today. The last one we did, the MegaSpore one, was a ton of fun. Michael Roesslein:          Yeah. Kiran Krishnan:                  We don’t have to talk about you blowing all your initial funding money for the…

ozone therapy with micah lowe

[Webinar Replay] RHT Wellness Vault Spotlight: Ozone Therapy with Micah Lowe

https://vimeo.com/436786847/ddbf751cff   Click here to Shop at Home Ozone Products at SimplyO3! Use code RHT10 for 10% OFF your entire order!   Michael recommends the following:  (All under “Ozone Kits” on the SimplyO3 website) Status 3.0 Ozone Generator Home User Kit – Includes all you need for home-use rectal insufflation treatments (can add other components/options later).…


Setting Boundaries for Better Health

Video Transcript Jason Boyd:                       Hey, what’s up everybody, Jason Boyd with Bio+Logical Health & Nutrition. And I’m sitting here with my good friend, Dr. Regina van Berg. Today, we’re going to be talking about boundaries. So a few weeks ago I wrote an article about relationships and how when I talk with clients about getting…


Meditation for Gut Health?

There is so much happening right now in the field of the human microbiome. From how it affects us to how we affect it, there is a connection that is tied at the very foundation of our being. You may have heard about how our microbiome diversity is shaped by our environment and lifestyle as…