Dr. Kirk Gair

Low-Level Lasers and the Brain

One of the nation’s leading educators on low-level laser therapy, Dr. Kirk Gair shares a mountain of research and several incredible case studies pertaining to the use of lasers to positively impact many disease and injury situations with a focus on the brain and nervous system.

  • Dr. Gair’s (very personal) story about how he got into using lasers in his practice
  • An introduction to low-level laser therapy (LLLT) with a quick education on different types of light and lasers
  • A review of the scientific literature pertaining to LLLT and various brain & neuro-related conditions and symptoms
  • How LLLT can be used to improve brain function, reduce neuro-inflammation, and trigger stem-cell production
  • An overview of many incredible case studies from Dr. Gair’s own clinical practice

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Dr. Kirk Gair

Dr Kirk Gair, DC, IDE, graduated in 1999 from SCUHS where he was a classmate and friend of Dr Datis Kharrazian (he was the first person Dr K ever did a functional medicine workup on clear back in 1996).
Following graduation, he was trained in Functional Medicine and Functional Neurology by Dr Kharrazian, one of the top experts in the world in those fields.

Dr Gair has been using cold lasers since 2004 and has worked with Super Bowl champion players, World Series champions, Olympic Gold Medalists and World Record holders, national and state champions, as well as weekend warriors.

The techniques he has pioneered have earned him the reputation of “the Voodoo Doctor” because of how fast and effective they are, and non-injured athletes regularly come to him just for sports performance enhancement.

He teaches doctors from around the world in webinars and seminars the ground breaking methods that he uses, and has been featured in Dr Izabella Wentz’s documentary The Thyroid Secret and her NY Times best selling book, Hashimoto’s Protocol, for the cold laser methods he has created to help patients suffering from thyroid related symptoms like brain fog, fatigue, and more.

His facebook page, www.Facebook.com/ThyroidInfo, has close to 10,000 followers, and he has written articles featured on The Hypothyroid Mom website, and is a frequent guest on many popular podcasts where he shares how lasers can be used on conditions ranging from the serious like Parkinson’s, ADHD, Autism, and traumatic brain injuries, all the way to the fun of lasers for fat loss, sports enhancement, and brain enhancement.


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