Dr. Maya Shetreat

The Neuroscience of Psychedelics

The topic of psychedelic therapy is one of the hottest in the entire mental health field – and for good reason. Neurologist and Herbalist, Dr. Maya Shetreat shares the history, science, and potential of these unique plants and substances. Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • An explanation of true health as being physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, individual, ecological, and collective
  • The many ways that mental and physical health are “downstream” of spiritual and emotional health
  • An overview of the physiological impacts of trauma and the Cell Danger Response
  • A brief tour through the history of psychedelic use, which likely predates known history
  • Research and physiological functioning of several psychedelic plants and substances
  • A discussion around harm reduction and safe use of psychedelic medicines

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Dr. Maya Shetreat

Maya Shetreat, MD is a neurologist, herbalist, urban farmer, and author of The Dirt Cure which has been translated into 10 languages. She has been featured in the New York Times, The Telegraph, NPR, Sky News, The Dr. Oz Show and more. Dr. Maya is the founder of the Terrain Institute, where she teaches earth-based programs for transformational healing, including professional training programs for psychedelic-assisted approaches. She works and studies with indigenous communities and healers from around the world, and is a lifelong student of ethnobotany, plant healing, and the sacred.

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