Case Study: How Cale Overcame Inflammation with CBD Oil

Taylor Oliver

June 20, 2018

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How Cale Overcame Inflammation with CBD Oil


Name: Cale Schultz

Age: 38

Location: Redondo Beach, CA

Occupation: Project Manager, Stunt Performer, Strength and Conditioning Coach

Product: CBD Oil


What was the problem?


As a result of my career and my love of weight training, I’m usually pretty beat up most of the time.  


In what way did this impact your life?


Although I still managed to keep up with a very intense training schedule, I was always sore, tired, and dealing with a lot of inflammation.    


What did you try previously?


I’ve found some things that definitely help with recovery and injury prevention. Working on mobility, foam rolling, soft tissue therapy, cryotherapy, etc.  I’ve also used a variety of supplements to combat the pain and inflammation, such as (but not limited to) curcumin, Glucosamine/chondroitin, ibuprofen (the most effective of them all). However, as noted, ibuprofen was really the only thing that did the trick, especially during very intense bouts of training.


Which of our products (supplements or educational) did you use?


I started using the 2500mg CBD Oil about 4-6 months ago.


What were the results you saw?


Within a week, I felt an immediate improvement in almost all areas concerning pain and inflammation as well as recovery.  My knees feel the best they have in over a decade and I haven’t used ibuprofen (for everyday aches and pains, although still occasionally for acute injuries) since I started.  It’s nice to not have to start the day with 400mg of Advil just to get through the morning.  I’m sure the rest of my body is thanking me as well.  


How has this impacted your life in a positive way?


Training has become much more enjoyable and I no longer dread my morning jiu jitsu workouts. I feel confident that my joints and the rest of my body can take the pounding I repeatedly expose them to and still be recovered enough to do it again the next day.  


Anything else you’d like to add?


CBD is not a cure-all and I have had to adjust other areas of my training in order to help combat the fatigue and stress.  However, it has definitely made huge improvements in reducing overall inflammation, aches and pains due to my intense training schedule.  I’m especially happy that I no need longer use/abuse ibuprofen.