[Webinar Replay] New Research on the Gut-Brain Connection & Psychobiotics with Kiran Krishnan

We are joined by our favorite microbiologist, Kiran Krishnan, to discuss some exciting new discoveries and research pertaining to the powerful gut-brain connection. Kiran shares how a dysfunctional gut becomes toxic to your brain, driving mood, focus, sleep, and memory problems!
Learn the intimate connection between the gut and brain (and how it’s actually the “first” brain – and not the second), the 2 biggest drivers of brain toxicity that come from gut dysbiosis, and how a perpetual cycle of gut-brain inflammation drives mood and sleep disorders! Want to know how to end this cycle and stop the escalating toxicity on the brain? Tune into this webinar replay!

Superhuman July: 30 Days in the Life of Michael

When I made a quick post on Facebook to share my plans for the next 30 days, I had no idea it would blow up and receive requests to share details, a tracker, resources, etc…. but here we are!\ Due to a lack of time, I’m going to keep this post short and sweet. If…

the benefits of cold exposure and how you can get started

The Benefits of Cold Exposure & How You Can Get Started

When was the last time you allowed yourself to be cold? I mean really cold? If you live anywhere near us, it’s that time of year when cold weather is a fact of life. While many eagerly await the spring and dream of the delayering of clothes coming in the summer, there’s a huge advantage…

Setting Boundaries for Better Health

Video Transcript Jason Boyd:                       Hey, what’s up everybody, Jason Boyd with Bio+Logical Health & Nutrition. And I’m sitting here with my good friend, Dr. Regina van Berg. Today, we’re going to be talking about boundaries. So a few weeks ago I wrote an article about relationships and how when I talk with clients about getting…

A Profound Prescription for Health that Might Surprise You

We set off with the intention to hike around a lake we had never been to before. ⠀ But as we started down the trail we came upon this huge rock formation next to the water. The sun was shining down on it and we both stopped to take in the view. ⠀ It was…

Zen Now Get Calm and Clear in 10 Minutes or Less

Zen Now: Get Calm and Clear in 10 Minutes or Less

It’s important that you only listen to this audio when you are in a place where you are safe to close your eyes and relax. And in 10 minutes or less, we will get calm and clear to get your Zen on. But the beauty of this process is after you’ve gone through it, you can actually begin to just tap into or dip down into that calm, clear state inside throughout the day, without it even taking 10 minutes.

Dream Come True: My Experience with The Human Longevity Project

Dream Come True: My Experience with The Human Longevity Project

Dream Come True: My Experience With The Human Longevity Project. I remember the day my parents bought a video camera. It was in the 80’s so this thing was huge and weighed a ton… but I was fascinated with it. I remember spending all summer making movies with my friends. I even remember creating storyboards,…