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Joe: Let’s jump into some of your favorite foods for babies’ first foods, like say your top 5 that packs the most punch nutritionally.

Rochelle: Okay so I was trying to think of 5 foods and it was really difficult because I wanna give a lot of options but if we go just nutritionally…

Joe: You can certainly expand on that if you want.

Rochelle: I was like 5 no 6, 7, 8! But I think that when it comes to just nutritionally, like I talked about when you’re giving a baby food, you’re giving them such a small amount that you really want to make sure, like you said it packs the most punch. So, my favorite things are liver, egg yolks (and I’ll go through a little bit about how to prepare these and stuff), I like brine, (like I said which isn’t even a solid but it’s one of the first things that I like to introduce), bone broth (which I saw Mason drinking the other day), and if you’re okay with dairy I like kefir for a first food. But then going slightly outside of the super nutrient dense things, banana, avocado and sweet potato are also really common, and there’s ways to make those more nutrient dense, but they’re easy because they’re mashable and a lot of parents feel really comfortable. Cause there is a comfort level thing. I mean if parents want to give them egg yolk, all those things are pretty soft and mashable…

Joe: So do you wanna go down that list and expand on that a little bit, like egg yolks, and liver (should the liver be cooked, egg yolks be hard-boiled?)

Rochelle: Yes, okay… So once again going on the comfort level thing, but liver, there’s multiple ways that you can do that. You can offer it raw, and if you’re going to do that no matter how you offer them you’re gonna make sure it’s the highest quality as with any food. You want to make sure it’s pasture-raised, a really reliable farm, things like that. But you’re gonna want to freeze it for at least 14 days. Weston A. Price Foundation suggests 14 days freezing it and then if you’re going to do that to grate it over, you could either do it on top of egg yolk (that’s pretty nutrient dense for the very beginning though), but you can do it on top of sweet potato, banana, anything really. You can just grate some liver.

Joe: That’s exactly what we did for Mason. We did some very lightly cooked egg yolk with grated frozen liver.
Rochelle: Yeah, that’s what we did too. I like liver 2 ways. So I like it frozen grated and then I also like it where you can dehydrate it where it still stays raw, but it’s dehydrated. My husband has banned me from doing that in the kitchen because it smells so awful, but you’ve got to base it in an area where you can dehydrate it without the smell, or you could buy them now in capsules, and I call them liver sprinkles and you could just sprinkle the dehydrated liver on top too. So depending where you’re at with that. And then the egg yolk exactly like you said, with what you guys fed Mason, it’s a very lightly cooked egg yolk. So you call it soft-boiling really. You put it into water for about 4 minutes, and it shouldn’t be super runny, but it should be slightly warm and very soft, very very soft. I wouldn’t call it runny but it’s definitely not firm either. But with egg yolk, because it’s one of the most really perfect nutrient dense foods for all things baby health in general, but babies are my thing so for fertility and pregnancy, babies, a little goes a long way. And with little tiny babies who haven’t had a food before if you give them too much they can get sick. And I think I got over excited the first time I gave Vincenzo some. I was like… “He loves it!” And I kept giving him more and he ended up getting sick a little bit later throwing it up. And it’s something that I hear very commonly when you overgive. So like one bite even is a lot for their little systems. So starting small with any of the foods really but especially those liver, egg yolk real nutrient dense ones. Not all kids have that reaction, but some of them do.]]>

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