How Kathryn Overcame Lifelong Sleep and Anxiety Issues With CBD Oil

Michael Roesslein

March 28, 2017

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Hi. I’m Kathryn, and I’ve seen amazing results from Alchemist’s Closet CBD Oil!

How Kathryn Overcame Lifelong Sleep and Anxiety Issues With CBD Oil

Name: Kathryn 

Age: 41

Location: Saratoga Springs, NY

Job/Career: Nutritional Therapist, writer, blogger

1. What was the problem?

I had several. Difficulty falling asleep, difficulty staying asleep (lifelong), and increased anxiety during the second have of my menstrual cycle (after ovulating).

2. In what way did this impact your life? 

I was often moody and irritable. I had a hard time with focus and concentration. My energy had decreased, and I experienced general fatigue. Sometimes I even relied on OTC sleep aids because nothing else seemed to work.

3. What did you try previously, if anything or what would be an alternative “fix”?

I’ve tried herbal remedies, herbal teas, tinctures, magnesium, melatonin, unisom, benedryl, calm forte, prescription anti-depressants at low doses… pretty much everything under the Sun, over the many years I’ve been dealing with these issues!

4. Which of our products (supplements or educational) did you buy/use?

Alchemist’s Closet (Previously Edible Alchemy) – CBD oil 500mg

5. What were the results you saw? 

I’ve felt much more calm in the evening, rather than feeling anxious. It has bee much easier for me to fall asleep (which I’ve never experienced). I’ve been sleeping through the night, or if I wake, I’ve been able to fall right back to sleep. I’ve tried everything, and this is the first time I’ve ever gotten results like this!

6. How has this impacted your life in a positive way?

Huge! I’ve experienced improved/more energy, better mood, I’ve been killing my workouts, much less afternoon fatigue, and all around feeling much better!

7. Anything else you’d like to add?

Sleep is a priority, but when you can’t, it sucks. I have dealt with sleep issues since I was a child. Nothing has worked for me in the past, besides OTC drugs like unisom (which I took on and off over the years), and medications targeted for depression (even though I wasn’t depressed), at lower doses to help me sleep. When I was pregnant it was the worse, because I couldn’t take anything and I was really struggling. CBD oil has been a lifesaver for me! Definitely will be part of my routine going forward!