5 Kitchen Must Haves for Healthy Living

Maggie Berghoff

March 8, 2018

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You may think healthy living in the kitchen is solely based on the physical food you eat; but, have you ever considered if the item you’re cooking IN is impacting your body?


Because guess what, it is!


The item you cook in may be releasing extremely harmful toxins into your delicious meal causing your healthy food to be harmful! Luckily, I have found 5 essential cooking items that I’m going to share with you to ensure you have a healthy 2018!


1) Ninja Blender



I could not live without my blender!


I use it daily to make super food smoothies, a delicious and easy way to get so many nutrients. My go to smoothie is a mixture of organic plant protein powder, water, and greens.  


Simple yet efficient! I swear it tastes amazing and your body will love you for it! I also make things like cashew cream sauce, pesto, and nut butters to avoid prepackaged chemicals and any toxic ingredients that companies love sneaking into your food.


2) Reverse Osmosis Water Filter


You may think that your water is already being filtered, but even city water is full of junk.


Yes, junk!


Fluoride, chlorine, lead, mercury…NO THANKS!


I use this reverse osmosis water filter to ensure my family drinks highly purified water!  PRO TIP: Use this water to clean your fruits and veggies with, too!


3) Instant Pot



I love, love this non-toxic instant pot to make easy meals for the whole family!


My husband and I love to use it for salmon; all you do is place frozen salmon on high pressure, add some olive oil and spices, and in just 8 short minutes you have the perfect seafood feast!


I also love to make meal prep easy by quickly cooking up a ton of chicken breasts in my instant pot, plenty of meat for the whole week!


4) Silicon Ice Cube Trays


The built in ice trays in freezers release harmful chemicals, switching these out for silicon ice cube trays is such a simple way to save your body! I’m all about ditching anything plastic I’m able to.  Plus, they’re super chic looking in the freezer 😉


5) Cast Iron Pan



My Le Creuset cast iron set is a life saver in the kitchen!


These pans actually fortify your foods by increasing the iron content of the food cooked in them. Plus, cooking with cast iron means easy clean up because they are naturally non-stick!   


Other pans on the market that are “non-stick” do so at the expense of your health, leaching really harmful toxins into your food which get absorbed into your body.


Stay healthy in 2018 and beyond with making these simple kitchen swaps!


I’ll be sharing my favorite essential kitchen foods for more easy ways to stay healthy in another post, so stayed tuned!