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Dr. Grace Liu

SIBO & SIFO Solutions – When Microbes Go Where They Don’t Belong (And What To Do!)


Part 1

Part 2

Dr. Grace Liu is an expert in all things gut and today she joins us to talk about SIBO and SIFO and solutions you can implement for restoring balance. Topics in this interview include:

Part 1 Description:

  • SIBO & SIFO overview
  • Contributing factors to dysbiosis
  • Symptoms and functional testing methods
  • Simple, practical, and cheap action steps

Part 2 Description:

Returning to dive deeper into SIBO, SIFO, and SIMO, Dr. Grace Liu will cover:

  • Steps you can take at home
  • True Causes of Dysbiosis
  • Gut Protocols
  • Types of Probiotics
  • Soil Probiotics
  • Case Studies
  • Goal of Therapeutics

Learn more about Dr. Liu online at The Gut Institute and her free eBook “Magic In Your Microbiome”. Her book, “7 Steps to Heal SIBO: Simple Strategies and Exercises to Understand SIBO, Restore Energy, Beat Belly Fat and Eliminate Brain Fog”, is also available now.

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Dr. Grace Liu

Dr. Grace Liu, PharmD, AFMCP has her doctorate in pharmacy, as well as a bachelors in nutritional and food science, and 4 years of training in plant biology. She is the founder of The Gut Institute, which provides education and training to hundreds of doctors and other health practitioners – most recently at the Microbiome Medicine Conference in San Francisco in October of 2018.

Dr. Liu has been a keynote speaker at several national and international health events, a featured presenter on dozens of online expert summits, and is a sought-after expert and educator in the gut health space. She’s been featured on the Paleo Solution Podcast, Bulletproof Radio, Women’s Health, and many more online and physical publications.

To learn more about Dr. Grace Liu and the Gut Institute – head over and grab a the free eBook ‘Magic in Your Microbiome’ today!