RHT Live Webinar w/ Microbiologist Kiran Krishnan
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Disclaimer: We are not going to be offering "cures" or medical advice. This is for education purposes only.
Gut Health, Microbiome, and Immunity - Part 2: Detailed Recommendations and Q&A!
Date: Wednesday, May 27th
Time: 7pm ET / 4pm PT
Speakers For This Webinar:
Michael Roesslein
 MSc, FDN, CHEK - Founder, Rebel Health Tribe
Kiran Krishnan
Microbiologist, Chief Science Officer at Microbiome Labs
  • Join us on this follow-up webinar after the AMAZING 90-minute professional presentation from Microbiologist Kiran Krishnan on the interconnected realtionships between our gut health, microbiome, and immune function!
  • We simply ran out of time, and want to make sure you're able to get your questions answered and learn action steps you can take RIGHT NOW to optimize your gut health & overall immunity... so we're doing it again this week!
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