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Event Format

The entire Autoimmune Masterclass, all 21 presentations, will be available for you to watch the weekend of April 27th/28th – with half of the presentations available on Saturday, and the other half on Sunday.

Day 1 starts at 6am EST on Saturday the 27th, and we’ll switch to Day 2 at 6am EST on Sunday the 28th. 

You can watch as many of the presentations as you’d like, as many times as you want.

Important Links

Click these links at the scheduled times to watch all of your presentations!

Immediate Access to 2 Sessions – CLICK HERE TO GET A SNEAK PEEK NOW!

  • Dr. Datis Kharrazian – The Role of Molecular Mimicry in Autoimmunity
  • Kiran Krishnan – Microbiome & The Gut: Ground Zero of Autoimmunity


Day 1 Viewing Lobby (This link goes LIVE at 6am EST on April 27)

Day 2 Viewing Lobby (This link goes LIVE at 6am EST on April 28)

Event Lineup

Day 1 – Saturday, April 27th

  • Dr. Datis Kharrazian – The Role of Molecular Mimicry in Autoimmunity
  • Kiran Krishnan – Microbiome & The Gut: Ground Zero of Autoimmunity
  • Dr. Natasha Fallahi – FlareCare: A Mind-Body Approach to Calming AI Flares
  • Dr. Jolene Brighten – Birth Control & Autoimmunity (What to do about it.)
  • Dr. Titus Chiu – Functional Neurology Approach to Anxiety & Autoimmunity
  • Jennifer Fugo – Autoimmune Conditions of the Skin & Natural Solutions
  • Lindsay Mitchell – Discovering Your Body’s Natural Resilience
  • Torea Rodriguez – Autoimmune From 30,000’ (Where to Start!)
  • Dr. Jared Seigler – Infections, Immune Responses & Autoimmunity
  • Dr. Felice Gersh – Male vs. Female Differences in Autoimmunity
  • Michael McEvoy – The RCCX Gene Cluster, Autoimmune & More.

Day 2 – Sunday, April 28th

  • Dr. Terry Wahls – The Wahls Protocol: Dietary Approaches to Wellness
  • Dr. Christine Schaffner – Hidden Infections, Lyme, EMF & AI Disease
  • Dr. Keesha Ewers – H.U.R.T. Model: Trauma, Emotions & Autoimmunity
  • Dr. Kara Fitzgerald – Optimizing Epigenetic Expression w/ AI Focus
  • Dr. Maya Shetreat – Nature & Earth Medicine for Autoimmunity
  • Dr. Alex Carrasco – Functional Lab Testing for Autoimmune Disease
  • Dr. Carrie Jones – Cortisol: A Key to Autoimmune Symptoms & Recovery
  • Dr. Kirk Gair – Cold Laser Therapy as Effective Autoimmune Treatment
  • Marc Ryan, LAc – 5 Elements Look at Autoimmune w/ Hashimoto’s Focus
  • Dr. Archina Stein – Psychiatric Manifestations of Autoimmune Disorders

So grab your notebook and get ready to learn from the best and brightest in the functional health world how you can prevent, identify, and even reverse autoimmune disease – naturally!

We look forward to seeing you there,

Michael, Founder of RHT

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