Welcome to the Toxicity &
Detoxification Masterclass.

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Bonus Video #1:
An Introduction to Environmental Toxins Featuring Lara Adler

In this presentation, you will learn the basics from the top environmental toxins educator in the field, Lara Adler. She has trained thousands of health practitioners around the globe – and now you can learn from her yourself!


Bonus Video #2:
The Link Between Toxins & Autoimmunity Featuring Dr. Datis Kharrazian

Dr. Datis Kharrazian is a world-renowned functional doctor, researcher, author, and educator – a leader in the fields of immunology and neurology, he brings a level of knowledge and experience to this interview that few can match!

Bonus PDF Download:
The RHT Clean Living Guide

This 20+ page eBook contains dozens of our top tips, suggestions, and non-toxic alternatives for those looking to reduce their toxic exposure (Step 1 in detoxification) and live a cleaner, healthier life!


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