At Microbiome Labs, we pioneer health by connecting the dots of the human biological system, so we can discover new solutions that revolutionize healthcare. As your practice partner, we strive to help and support through education, inspiration, and by bridging the therapeutic gaps of what global consumers—who face ever-growing modern life health challenges—need for healing. Backed by Novozymes OneHealth, a biotech world leader, we control every step of the innovation and formulation process, from strain discovery to final product. We conduct research studies on our product formulations, so practitioners will know their proven efficacy and what action they’ll have when they’re acting within patients’ bodies. We won’t stop rethinking tomorrow until the microbiome is included in the curriculum of medical schools and microbiome supplements have become healthcare professionals’ first line of attack. We’ve already set the bar high throughout the industry… and our pioneering journey has only just begun.

Join us on the journey to Pioneer Health!


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