Emily Givler

Microplastics: How to Protect Yourself and Reduce Your Impact

In this presentation you will learn about the massive (and growing) problem of micro (and nano) plastics. This will include a discussion about where microplastics come from, how much we ingest (you will be shocked) each week, what this does to our physiology, how our body tries to get rid of microplastic, and what you can do to reduce your contribution to this problem and protect yourself and your family. 

  • What are microplastics, and where do they come from?
  • How big is this problem? (mind-blowing answer to this question)
  • What chronic health conditions and imbalances are made worse by the presence of microplastics? (Think hormones, fertility and much more…)
  • How can we protect ourselves, optimize our ability to clear microplastics, and reduce our microplastic footprint?

Emily Givler

Emily Givler is the co-founder of Beyond Protocols, a Functional/ Genomic Nutrition Consultant, researcher, and lecturer with a thriving practice alongside her mentor, Bob Miller, at Tree of Life in Ephrata, Pennsylvania. She holds advanced certifications in Nutrition, Herbalism, and Nutrigenomics from the Holt Institute of Medicine, PanAmerican University of Natural Health, and Functional Genomic Analysis where she now serves as a researcher and supplement formulator. In her practice, Ms. Givler utilizes personalized dietary and nutritional protocols based on genetic predispositions, environmental and epigenetic influences, and functional lab testing to help her clients optimize or recover their health.

In addition to her clinical work, Ms. Givler leads the mentorship team at Beyond Protocols, teaching practitioners advanced integration of functional genomics into clinical practice. She also offers one-on-one practitioner mentoring, helping colleagues navigate the complex web of genetic polymorphisms to develop more efficacious protocols for their chronically ill or complex cases. She sits on the advisory board for the Nutrigenomic Research Institute as well as lending her services as an independent researcher.

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