Category: Paleo

Gingersnap Pancakes

Bright yet warm flavors capture the fall season.

Chicken Apple Bacon Hash

Quick and easy breakfast for those times you're sick of eggs... but not bacon. This is about as easy as it gets. If you have some chicken leftover from last night’s dinner, it’s even easier.

Pear-Balsamic Glaze Chicken

Sweet and savory wins. This rich yet bright dish will leave you satisfied and happy.

Epic Bison Breakfast Burger

Mouth-watering and satisfying. This easy recipe is great for any meal.

Easy Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins

Simple and shockingly delicious, 4 ingredient banana muffins. Contains no additional sweeteners or sugar.

Greek-Style Chicken

Traditional blend of slices, plus smoked paprika and bright lemon give this dish simple yet layered flavor.

Savory Broiled Sirloin

This is a very simple recipe that my mom used to make flank steak pretty often while I was growing up. It was something her mom (my grandma) taught her - so it goes way back! The number of servings depends on the size of the steak/meat. You can also probably use London Broil for this recipe, if you have that.

Coconut Chocolate Paleo Macrons

My take on classic French macrons. These are easier than most traditions recipes I've found but they're amazingly delicious. They're light and fluffy and just sweet enough to satisfy.

Paleo Kindle Event

Omelette with savoy cabbage

I make a lot of variation for gluten free flat bread or tortilla or omelette. This is a bread substitute in our family. We usually eat it for breakfast. Sometimes we put some spread on it.

Green Chicken snack

Delicious and versatile. This works as a spread or salad as well. Grab a lettuce leaf and make a wrap. You are only limited by your imagination.