RHT Exclusive: Interview With Cannabis Lawyer and Expert, Garrett Graff


December 26, 2016

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The Breakdown:
0:25 – Introduction to Garrett Graff and The Hoban Law Group
1:50 – Concerns are well grounded but we shouldn’t add to the hysteria
2:20 – Drug codes: what are they and why this is a dangerously slippery slope
5:00 – What the DEA’s roll is, can they create law?
5:45 – Industrial Hemp and the 2014 “Farm Bill”
7:30 – Explaining the complexity of extracts and cannabinoids
9:10 – The fight, the goal.
10:36 – The conspiracies, the connections, the FDA, Big Pharma.
13:40 – “I think it would naive of us to think that the federal governmental agencies aren’t communicating on the back end behind the curtain.”
15:00 – Can Obama de-schedule cannabis?
16:00 – Industrial hemp and marijuana distinction.
17:03 – The dangerously vague language of “one or more cannabinoids.”
18:10 – How does a drug become “Schedule I?”
20:00 – What parts of the plant are protected, and are supposed to be legal, under the law.
20:58 – How concerned should we be?
22:50 – What happens on January 13th?
24:00 – Stay alert. Stay active.

What to do now:
1. Contact your local representatives and let them know the DEA is acting outside of their scope of authority, and that they cannon create laws. Please request that your representative look into this issue and stop the DEA from this illegal action of writing it’s own laws without congress. Let them know that CBD is a non psychoactive compound of industrial hemp and should be protected under the 2014 Agricultural Act.

2. Sign this White House Petition to de-schedule cannabis.

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