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RHT Guide to Stress Management &
Sleep Optimization

Two Essential (and often ignored) Aspects of Building Health in One Simple Guide!

**Disconnect** Literally disconnect from your gadgets — the blue light spectrum from our devices keeps us awake, and too much social media bolsters stress. Why? Blue light, the type of light emitted by your laptop or iPhone discourages melatonin production (that magical hormone that puts you to sleep), and social media is littered with distractions bad news, good news, celebrity gossips, political rants… these things stimulate our mental interest and send our brains into overdrive. My best recommendation is to try to put the devices away at least an hour before bed. Maybe take that last hour as a good time to sneak in some meditation or journaling. **Declutter** A cluttered home adds to our stress — it’s a subconscious source of frustration. You may not realize it at first, but it could be as simple as your cupboard that stores too many mugs! And every time you reach in to get a mug, but have to dig to find your favorite, you are subconsciously stressed by the items you don’t enjoy. A disorganized home leads to a disorganized mind. Remember — your external surroundings are a projection of your internal surroundings. Recycle or donate those things you really don’t use or enjoy — give yourself the space you need, both mentally and physically, to stretch out and be surrounded by the things you love. **Movement** Do. Not. Forget. Movement. Movement doesn’t necessarily mean going to the gym or running 10-miles, a simple walk through the park every morning or afternoon can suffice. Exercise, occupies our both mind and body — we focus on what we’re actively doing as opposed to what’s stressing us out. Exercise also encourages our body to produce endorphins, the body’s favorite mood – elevating, stress-reducing hormone. Not to mention, that movement is also beneficial to keep the lymphatic system circulating properly (so important with autoimmunity!) My recommendation: try to get some walking in every day. Two 15-minute walks can easily be slipped in to even the busiest of schedules and the movement will rejuvenate you! **Nourish** Believe in the power of food! I’m not saying to rely on food to eat your way out of stress, BUT, eating good, quality food is—like exercise — a natural mood elevator. The nutrients we feed our body are like the language we use to speak to our body. Take the time to cook and enjoy a quality meal at least a couple of times a day. Not enough time to cook each day? Batch cook on the weekends – leftovers are saviors! We have a family of two in my house, but I try to cook for 6 each time I cook – this way I’m only cooking once, yet nourishing my body all week long! These are just a few of the tricks I use to keep my stress level at an absolute minimum. In reality, there are plenty of healthy ways to control your stress. If you’re looking for ideas, I suggest going back to basics — step away from the incessant emails, the crowded commutes, and over-stimulation of our modern lives. Force yourself to go for an afternoon stroll. Spend time playing in the park with your kids or dog, or plan on getting coffee or tea on Sunday morning with a close friend. Find something — anything — that helps you unplug and make it an integral part of your daily routine. ]]>

RHT Guide to Stress Management &
Sleep Optimization

Two Essential (and often ignored) Aspects of Building Health in One Simple Guide!

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