[Webinar Replay] Environmental Toxins & Their Effects On Hormones, Metabolism, and Gut Health with Lara Adler

Environmental Chemical exposures are consistently overlooked as a contributing factor to both chronic and acute disease states, despite substantial evidence linking them to everything from weight gain, obesity, to heart disease, autoimmune disease, infertility, and more. In this class, you’ll learn about the landscape of environmental exposures, how toxins are linked to some of the most prevalent health conditions that our population faces, and what we can start doing to minimize exposures…

Emotional Eating

[Webinar Replay] From Emotional Eating Chaos to Freedom with Aglaée Jacob, MS, RD

While emotional eating may help soothe stress and anxiety, it comes at the expense of your health. You feel bloated and fatigued. You may even feel guilty. What if there was another way to approach it? What if emotional eating gave us clues that allow us to go straight to the heart of the matter. And from there, we’re able to truly heal…

Episode 6: Bridgit Danner, Women's Health Extraordinaire

Episode 6: Bridgit Danner, Women’s Health Extraordinaire

Welcome to The Rebel Health Tribe Podcast – Episode 6: Bridgit Danner, Women’s Health Extraordinaire. Michael and Joe will be joined by Bridgit on this intriguing podcast that takes on an environmental twist. You will learn about how Bridgit came to do what she loves and the global adventures she went on to get her there. You will also hear why Michael was black listed from certain areas and Joe’s involvement in the Young Republicans Club!