Sandi Bruce

As a health/life/nutritional coach and Shamanic Practitioner, I have found Primal90 to be an invaluable resource. The material is easy to access, well-presented, extremely current, and I appreciate the new webinar material that is being presented. Since each client is


We have been using this off & on for about a year. Not really paying attention till we stopped a while ago. Then I noticed I wasn’t feeling all that good all around so I reordered & will never let


Love my Liver Life! I missed a couple days and was miserable! Bloated, backed up, and sluggish. 1 day back on it and the bloat is gone and I have energy back!


I feel so much better since starting Liver Life. I used to wake up during the night for decades and am now sleeping through the night. I have a lot more energy as well.


Amazing. Your product (bioray liver life) caused my SEVERE underarm body odor problem to disappear the first time I used it, at a minimal dose of 25 drops. I have been having problems with it ever since I got my

Michael. R

I’ve been suffering from moderate to severe shoulder pain for at least a year since getting back into the boxing gym. While I have seen a significant reduction in pain via the use of proteolytic enzymes, turmeric, massage, and acupuncture

Mira D.

I’m so pleased to report some of the excellent benefits I’ve experienced from daily use of Edible Alchemy CBD oil! My post-workout recovery has drastically improved, and I find myself with a fraction of the muscle soreness that I would


Working a full-time job, interning, and taking graduate courses year round, I felt stressed out, I felt as if there was always a weight on me which affected my mood, cognitive abilities, and drained me of my energies. Half a

Laura S.

I started using the CBD 500 oil a little over two weeks ago with the hopes of getting my body back on track after retiring from a very stressful job. I started with 1x a day dosage of a 1/4

Marilyn G.

I have purchased several products from you and have had excellent results. Specifically, I purchased a bottle of CBD Oil 500mg and have been using it in place of aspirin or Ibuprofen for muscle soreness after pushing it at the

Adam. H

I mentioned that I had lower back pain that comes and goes, and was invited to try the CBD oil. I gave it a shot and was impressed with how well it worked! Bought a second bottle for a friend

Igor. H

I have been using Edible Alchemy’s CBD since the beginning of summer 2016. Having heard time and time again of CBD’s supposed health benefits, I had to see for myself if there was any truth to the statements. I did

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