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Tributyrin: Breakthrough Molecule for Microbiome, Histamine Issues, and Leaky Gut?

with Steve Wright, Digestive Specialist & Founder of Healthy Gut

Since hosting 3 webinars with Steven Wright, the founder of Healthy Gut, we’ve received many questions from practitioners and customers regarding details, best practices, dosing, and other information related to the Healthy Gut product line.

So we’ve invited Steve to come back and answer all of your questions!

This training webinar will be useful for any health practitioners who are using (or would like to use) Healthy Gut products in their practice, and also for anyone looking to learn best practices for their own use of this professional quality gut and digestion support line!

  • Formula (what’s in it?)
  • Function (what’s it do?)
  • Quality & Effectiveness (why it’s the best option)
  • Who may benefit from use/when to use it in your practice
  • How to best use it (dosing, best practices, contraindications, etc…)

So whether you are a health practitioner, someone looking to optimize your own digestion, or just someone who likes to know about the best supplement options on the market… we’ve got you covered!

Want your practitioner to have this knowledge, pass along this recording!



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Steven Wright

About our Guest

Steven Wright is an engineer who developed the Specific Carbohydrate Diet to help combat the incredible digestion issues he had since he was 13 years old. Then, he ordered his first supplements and started his first diet, but by 23 he was crying daily in bloating pain. The panic attacks, depression, and constipation were threatening his “successful” life as a consultant. After years of struggle, Steve discovered the secret to gut health and started the SCD diet with his co-founder, Jordan. They’ve now released their own range of supplements and give detailed plans of the SCD diet so that other people can feel the benefits of good gut health, too.

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