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Vitamin BE: The Power of BEing in your Body. Often the habits that create the most powerful shifts in your life are also the most simple. In fact, when I share with people that learning to BE in and relate to their body with love is the most powerful pre-requisite for a healthy life, they often feel disappointed it’s not something more exciting. But where are you if you are not in your body? In your head and often living somewhere different than the present.

Getting to a place where you can be in your body and not be constantly hijacked by your head can create great shifts in your health, your life and how you make decisions. In fact, the secret to staying present is being in your body. Some people may disagree but I’ve found this to be incredibly true with myself and my clients.

Ahhhhh, staying present. How many of us go to our heads when we think of staying present? I know I do ☺

Most of us never learned how to actually be in our bodies or work with the very thing they keep trying to improve and change. We are outside our bodies looking in. I don’t know about you but I’ve never really been too interested in being in a relationship with someone who ‘s always leaving me out of the equation. Whether it’s your health, losing weight or dream catching you must be in your body for true change and embodiment because you can’t transform any element of your life, without changing yourself in complete wholeness from the inside out. This brings new meaning to “being yourself” right?

Being in our bodies is a large part of how we relate to ourselves and how we relate to ourselves is how we step into and stay in our personal power. Not willpower but the personal power we all posses and need to take congruent action towards our dreams and purpose. The relationship we have with our body is often a reflection of the relationship we have with everything else in our life. It’s not only a key to a healthy body, but a satisfied life where fulfilling our needs becomes easy and where all elements of our life align.

When you learn to stay with your body throughout your day and not abandon it, it lays the foundation for your truth and that personal power to flourish.


  • when you are hungry,
  • when you are full,
  • when you are beyond healthy stress,
  • when you are tired,
  • when you want to say no,
  • when you feel regret,
  • when you feel anger,
  • when you feel fear

When you can connect and stay in your body, you can have a new level of awareness that can help you make conscious decisions that truly serve you. It’s the ultimate commitment to you. So why is this so challenging?

Our head likes to takes over. The “have tos”, the “supposed tos”, the “what’s ifs”, the fear, safety and protection. The head houses the blinders and the filters to our world.

Our head wants us to survive. The body wants to us to thrive. To sum it up:


Being in your body so you can stay present takes practice. These are three components to start with.

1. Be Intentionally in your body throughout the day. Check in with it regularly. Meal times are perfect. Are you feeling pleasure, pain, tired, hungry? What’s the state? Is your light lit or is it out? You may be very surprised what you find!

2. BREATH. FOR EVERY MENTAL STATE THERE IS A BREATH STATE. When you are experiencing a head hijack, feel your feet connect to the ground, move, change your physiology and take 3 long deep belly breaths. This can completely transform your state and try to connect to your body again. Ask yourself: What wants to be heard?

3. Trust that your body “knows”. If this concept is new to you then it can feel a little foreign. Often when we check in with our bodies, what comes up can make is feel uncomfortable or yep, we don’t want to hear it or we make it wrong. Trust that what comes up is right and if you find it uncomfortable than practice in small increments of time. Emotion is a muscle and it needs to be worked out. Keep breathing.

I challenge you to try this for a couple days and see how you can harmonize your mind, body and spirit. Often we are making an effort to take care of ourselves in some way and when we consciously can acknowledge we are not in pleasurable state or chronically tired that is incredible information we can make conscious pivots from that are far more valuable than trying to figure it all out from your head. So take a deep breathe and know that healing, thriving and becoming more of you starts with Vitamin BE 🙂

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Optimization Guide

Our Top Recommendations in One Simple Guide -
Your Starting Point for Optimal Health!

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