Wellness Vault - Healthy Food and Drinks

Arbor Teas

At Arbor Teas, our daily mission is to find the world's most fantastic organic teas and deliver them to you as sustainably as possible. From our exceptional collection of organic and Fair Trade Certified® teas, to our Carbonfree® business practices, to our backyard compostable package, our passion is steeped in a desire to do worldly good and our vision is to remain organic to a tea.™

Blue Willow Tea

Blue Willow tea is a one-woman labor of love. Owned and operated since 2012, Blue Willow is one of the few tea distributors in the United States committed to providing single-origin teas directly from farms dedicated to sustainable practices and humane living conditions for tea workers and their families.

Dry Farm Wines

Dry Farm Wines curates only the highest quality natural wines from small family farms that meet strict standard of purity. Unlike today's commercialized and processed wines, this is real wine. Nothing added, nothing removed. Pure, artisanal, and delicious.

Four Sigmatic

Four Sigmatic believes in the real magic of functional mushrooms like Reishi, Chaga, Cordyceps, and Lion’s Mane, as well as other superfoods and adaptogens like rhodiola, eleuthero, and schisandra to help us live healthier, more enhanced lives. They make drinking mushrooms and superfoods delicious and easy-to-do with Mushroom Coffees, Mushroom Superfood Blends, and Mushroom Elixirs. They sell tins for at-home use and single-serve packets, which are convenient to carry (and share!). They even have an abundance of recipes if you feel like getting fancy.


The Ultimate Hydration & Recovery Drink. Beverages include the Hydro Shot, Hydro Brew Teas & Hydro Splash CBD's. Hydrogen Enriched Water with Vitamins can be the key to sports performance, recovery, and health. Clinical studies support the benefit in converting radicals to water with no toxic by product, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergy, and help ameliorate gastrointestinal disorders.

Kettle & Fire

Kettle & Fire's bone broth is made with all organic ingredients and bones from 100% grass-fed cows. We make bone broth convenient, delicious, and nutritious. Slow-simmered for 20+ hours, We combine marrow bones with premium organic vegetables and filtered water in steel kettles. Try our 5-star bone broth and start improving your health.

Legit Bread Company

Legit Bread Company, founded by Jennifer Robins, is a small batch grain free baking company offering allergen friendly and paleo baking mixes. The textures and flavors are reminiscent of their gluten-ful counterparts, you'll be shocked they only have a handful of pronounceable ingredients. They aren't just good...they're legit.

Mad Monk Tea

TEA IS MORE THAN JUST A BEVERAGE. At Mad Monk we are on a quest to bring you the most delicious teas on earth. We believe in order to bring you the best teas, we must care for the environment, invest in regenerative agriculture, and work with artisans at the pinnacle of their craft.


MUD\WTR™ is a coffee alternative consisting of organic ingredients lauded by cultures old and young for their health and performance benefits. With 1/7th the caffeine of coffee, mud gives you natural energy, focus and more without the jitters and crash.

Nick's Sticks

Nick’s Sticks was born out of a desire to provide quality, protein rich, meat snacks – Naturally. Hand crafted locally in small batches, we have been able to craft a snack stick that is better for you and your family, without sacrificing flavor or taste. As a pioneer in the grass-fed feed and nutrient-dense food movements, we are passionate about producing only the highest-quality food products, using the highest quality ingredients, or as we like to say, “All of the goodness – none of the garbage.”

Primal Palate

Primal Palate offers a wide range of the highest quality organic spice blends. Hayley and Bill have put together these blends to simplify the process of creating tasty and healthy food. They also have created a massively informative site with guidance and recipes to help in your healthy food journey, no matter which kind of dietary restrictions you may have!

Rasa Coffee

Rasa coffee alternative is a delicious, healthy coffee substitute made from adaptogenic herbs. Enjoy the taste of the top-rated coffee alternative with natural, balanced energy. Rasa contains no common allergens, no fillers, & no BS.

US Wellness

We ensure our animals eat right so you can too. Savor the flavor with grass-fed and pasture raised meats. Our four founding cattle farms are located in the northeast corner of Missouri and western Illinois, alongside the Mississippi River. Approximately 85% of our beef is sourced domestically. Our animals are never fed antibiotics or growth hormones throughout the course of their lives.

Wallace Farms

It is our collective mission to bring superior grass-fed beef and other naturally-raised meats and wild fish to all of our customers and their families. Wallace Farms is your worry-free alternative to food that is raised and processed in a factory-like setting. Many people who have sampled Wallace Farms beef say that it tastes as good or better than anything else they’ve eaten—including the best that grain-fed has to offer.