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HealthyGut | Holozyme

World’s Most Activated Enzymes™ Feel the Relief Our ‘Activated Enzymes’ In the First Day. Our fully activated HoloZymes reduce occasional gut related complaints including gas, bloating, loose stools, undigested foods, tummy pain, and cramping.

OM Mushrooms

OM is the leading producer of the highest quality certified organic functional mushroom powders that contribute to optimal health. Having traveled the world to discover our unique mushroom varieties, we’ve combined the perfect balance of ancient wisdom with modern methodology to grow these miraculous mushrooms in our state-of-the-art facility.


Plant-based and keto nutrition products optimized for brain performance.

The Blessed Seed

The Blessed is the only company that provides 4 different strengths and the strongest of black seed oil in the world. Our oil is 3-4 times more powerful than other Black Seed Oils on the market as it contains 4.3% volatile oil.