Michael Roesslein:          Right. We’re on. People should start trickling in now. Let me queue up my screen share so I can share everything with you guys. If you could leave some comments in the chat that you can hear me and see me, that would be helpful. Sometimes this headset doesn’t work. [inaudible 00:00:31] here, cool. If you care if anybody else sees your comments, you’ve got to switch the option in the bottom of the chat from to all panelists, which will make only me see it, to, to all panelists and attendees, which will let everybody else see it. I am opening a new window to bring up what we’re going to explore.

                                             Going to do a little screen share. We’re going to be introducing you to the Wellness Vault today, so this’ll be fun and a pretty laid back webinar. So let’s see here, looks good, cool. All right. The Wellness Vault is something that we’ve been working on for a while, that I get a lot of emails, a lot of messages, a lot of inquiries around our favorite products, services, things like that, that we use, or we consume, or that we hire, any of these things. It takes a lot of time to respond to these and I figured why don’t we just put these all in one place? Then that way, people can see what these things are all at once. We reached out to a lot of the companies and we were able to secure some discounts and deals by leveraging the size of our audience, so we’ve categorized them.

                                             It’s never going to be complete. We’re always going to be adding stuff to it. So a couple of the categories are a little short right now. We have some things in the works. I didn’t want to wait until it was all the way done, because with something like this we’re continually adding to it and I’m open to your suggestions too, but I wanted to just get it up and running. So some of the categories have a lot of stuff. One of the categories is waiting on me to set up a bookshop on, which is a website that is like a book clearing house, where it sources the books from independent bookstores. So you can set up your own bookstore on there and I’m working on setting that up, so some of the things aren’t quite ready yet. They might be when you watch this, if you’re watching the recording, but right now not, everything’s totally set up.

                                             But there’s probably about 40, 41, 42 companies on here, their products, services, things like that, that we like and recommend and use ourselves and that we’ve tested, we’ve tried. It saves a lot of time, energy, effort in scavenging the internet and the endless Googles for the best of different things, and can save a lot of money too. Not only on the discounts that people have given us, but also on trying a whole bunch of things that you don’t like or don’t work before you find something that does.

                                             I’m going to do a screen share. Trying to log out of the site though, so that it will show up exactly as you will see it. Things look different when I’m in them. So, okay. There we go. I’m going to do a screen share. Now, please let me know if you can see that, but I can’t see the chat. All right. Oh, that’s funny. I can’t see the chat when I’m in a screen share. Oh yes, I can. Can see screen. Thank you, Martin. Cool. All right, smart chat.

                                             Here is the Wellness Vault. New tab is on the top of the site right here and then it’s categories here. If you just click, Wellness Vault, it will go to this page, which has the different categories in it. I will start over here with health technology. These are some of our favorite health and wellness related technologies.

                                             We have Air Doctor, which is my preferred air filter. I actually have two air filters in my house right now. One that we got a long time ago, which is a Rabbit Air. It’s pretty good. Then we have an Air Doctor upstairs, which I find works a lot better. That shop now actually saves $300. So I need to get a button up here. I’m going to be taking notes as I go through here to see what still needs to be updated, but that shop now button will save you $300 on an Air Doctor Pro air purifier, which here on the West Coast has been a lifesaver for the last month.

                                             AiresTech is technology. They’ve spent over $2 million on research and development on these little stickers and a couple of other things that harmonize frequencies coming off phones and laptops, computers, things like that. They make a little card. It’s kind of like a little bubble around it and my understanding that it kind of reduces the negative impact of different electromagnetic frequencies. They sent me a lot of their research. It’s really impressive. They sent me a couple of stickers. I have it on Mira’s phone and we have a little card in our car because modern cars have tons of Bluetooth and other EMF in them.

                                             BrainTap is a really cool program. You see a headset right there. That’s not necessary. That’s a light and sound headset. You can use it with just earbuds without the light. It’s not quite the same, but it’s pretty cool and it uses binaural beats and other sounds and language like NLP style language to put the brain into certain states. I’ve tried it out. I’ve talked to Dr. Porter who founded it. We’re going to have him on a webinar. Really cool stuff. Helps me, it really puts you into a relaxed state for those who have trouble sleeping. Something really cool there is just an app you get on your phone and then you pay monthly for the software, depending on how much you want to have. There’s a discount there as well, so I’m going to put the offer there.

                                             Then Defender Shield is another protection device. These go under the laptops or around the phone. They also have, I have some on the table over there, air tube headsets, earbuds that are low EMF. Earthing is grounding mats and pads. We actually have a grounding mat on our bed that was a game changer for our sleep and Mira’s most recent autoimmune recovery. She’s been titrating down off steroids for a long time that really screw with her sleep and literally, the day we got the grounding mats, her sleep radically improved, like night and day and it stayed that way since we got it. So that was recommended to me by a couple of doctor friends of mine, it basically plugs into a professionally grounded plug. Most three prong plugs I’ve learned in older houses, aren’t actually grounded and so we had an electrician come and professionally ground it. Even the dog, our dog used to get up a lot at night and move around and walk around and as I talk about her, she comes in the room. When we got that, she started sleeping through the night like zonked out.

                                             HeartMath is heart rate variability testing. I have that little gizmo right there in the middle. It’s an emWave2. You put your thumb on the sensor, it measures your heart variability. This is an all cause mortality marker that beats all the rest of them. It’s more important than resting heart rate and a lot of other things that are overlooked and you’re trying to bring it into what they call, coherence. It’s basically a way to practice meditation without meditating. It’s a similar impact on the body. They have software where you can hook it up to the computer and see your scores and track your progress. I don’t do any of that. I just have the little gizmo by my nightstand and I’ll give it a try. It has four levels. Each one, increasingly more difficult to keep it in the green, which is really coherent.

                                             The way heart rate variability is explained to me is that, you know when you’re driving a car, you don’t just hold the wheel super stern. If you did, you’d eventually veer off the road, you make little minor adjustments. Our heart rate is doing that as well, based on our environment, our thoughts, our emotions, everything we’re doing. That variability in the heart rate is actually a sign of health and this can be used to also determine, am I over-training? People who work out a lot, you’ll have trouble with heart rate variability, those scores will be really low. Am I sick? Heart rate variability scores will be very low. Are you really stressed out? They’ll be really low. When you use these devices, and they have software and trainers and practitioners and coaches and things who help you how to use it, to use it optimally, it’s a practice you can get into where you learn how to get that little thing into the green, through breathing and through certain other methods.

                                             I don’t really need it to do it, and I’ve noticed that since I started doing my other trainings that I’m in, that involve a lot of really advanced meditation work and awareness practices and things, I’m really good at the HeartMath all of a sudden, but it’s a great tool for people who like to get real time feedback. There’s a lot of fun ways you can adapt that to a computer or an app on the phone.

                                             Muse is a headband that is a neurofeedback for meditation and another meditation related app. Has very low EMF, for people who are concerned about that. They actually re-did the technology to make it super low. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have it on here. Some people love realtime feedback with their meditation and it helps in people trying to develop a meditation practice.

                                             Naboso is another one we’re going to be doing a webinar on. It’s super cool. They’re inserts for the shoes insoles, kind of. The doctor who created it is a friend of mine and she is a huge proponent of barefoot walking and barefoot mechanics and the benefits of barefoot on the feet. There’s structural reasons for that, like muscles, tendons, ligaments, and things. But then there’s also the neuro receptors, the proprioception nerve endings on the bottom of the feet and in the hands, there’s a lot of them. They figured out ways with these insoles to stimulate those receptors on the bottom of the feet and it’s shown incredible promise for people with neuropathy and other poor circulatory and nerve related conditions that it stimulates these nerves and these nerve endings.

                                             It actually has been shown to reduce neuropathy in diabetic patients. It’s helped people with their balance and proprioception in MS patients and slowed some of the progress there. Then they also have an athletic performance version of it, but it’s really cool. I am butchering it and not doing it any justice whatsoever, but when we have them come on and talk about it, it was really mind blowing. I actually am trying to connect them with Dr. Terry Wahls so she can incorporate it into her MS studies at the University of Iowa. So really cool technology there.

                                             Radiant Health Saunas. If I were to turn my camera to face this way, you can see mine right there. We’ve done a webinar already with Randy, from Radiant Health Saunas. All the research I’ve done into saunas, and I’ve done a lot, these are the highest quality, lowest EMF, almost zero, zero VOC off gassing. Randy’s just the most knowledgeable, nicest, most friendly guy in the world, that runs the company. So that’s personally what we use and recommend. If you call, there’s a webinar there so watch the webinar button right there, and you can call, mention Rebel Health Tribe, you save 500 bucks off any saunas. Also, the Naboso has a 10% off.

                                             Red Therapy, we have also done a webinar which should be linked right there underneath and will, just like this button here for Radiant House Saunas. We did a webinar with them last year. Red light therapy and near infrared, this is something we used with Mira’s latest flare. She started to develop really severe neuropathy in her hands. The red light is something that really turned it around. Ozone and red light together really turned that around and got rid of that. I use this for shoulder soreness when I’m training or doing yoga. The yoga actually helps, but when I was boxing or training a lot, my right shoulder hurts all the time.

                                             Red light, really good for inflammation. Also at more distance, can be used for improved hormones, skin elasticity, collagen. A lot of people enjoy it on the face for its anti-aging benefits. Theirs is the highest value, highest output for lowest price near infrared and red light device that exists. Our friend, Ari Whitten has written a book on red light therapy and tested every single device that’s out there and these are the ones that he determined where the best bang for the buck. I will get the webinar up here. It’s in the blog right now, but I’ll make sure to get it listed up on here.

                                             Ozone, home ozone therapy. This is the webinar we did last month. We’re going to be doing a Wellness Vault webinar every month. This is the one we did. I think it was the last one, Simply O3 Ozone. We were with Micah, [inaudible 00:13:43], and I have that device right there on the right side in my bathroom. Ozone therapy at home was a big thing that we implemented during Mira’s latest flare that really helped out. When we put in the ozone and the red light, a lot of things started to shift, inflammation wise and neuropathy wise, it’s used for chronic infections and hidden infections it’s used in cancer treatments. Although I will make no claims there. A lot of Lyme disease people use ozone therapy and then any sort of bug, infection, illness.

                                             I’m not going to say the words that get us banned on the internet, but ozone is long used and studied in Europe, a little less than the US. There are invasive ways to do it, which is like blood where it’s like a transfusion almost. The blood comes out. It goes through, it’s treated with the ozone, comes back in. Then this is home use, can make ozone water, ear insufflation, rectal insufflations and a couple of other uses for it. It’s a bit of an investment upfront. Now that we’ve had it for five months, it’s probably cost us about $4 a treatment or something, give or take.

                                             SOMAVEDIC is another EMF mitigation or neutralizing device. Their research behind it is also pretty impressive. The evidence they have into water structuring, for those who are into structured water or the concept of that from Gerald Pollack’s work. I have one right here on my desk. I got this because a few colleagues of mine were raving about it in some professional groups I was in that certain chronic symptoms of theirs disappeared right away when they got it. I don’t have chronic symptoms so I can’t really speak necessarily on that.

                                             Mira was mid, horrific worst part of the flare when we got that. Things did obviously turn around, but it didn’t snap with this, for sure. But I was able to notice a difference in the subtle energy in my house. My meditation practice was a little different, but I was in a really high stress level when we got this. So I’m kind of going off of my friends who speak radiantly about it and then the evidence that I saw and the way that I understand the technology, as it’s just generally something to have in my house that’s good because I live in an area with a lot of electrosmog.

                                             Here’s a couple options for nighttime glasses and TrueDark has a bunch of other cool stuff now too. They did just have glasses but now they have a whole bunch of other things. I have the dark red glasses that we wear at night if we do have to have screens on or normal lights. The light bulb in our lamp over there is actually tinted to be orange red. I don’t usually have any normal lighting on after dark. The screen, this one has a software on it called f.lux and my phone has something called Twilight. So I try not to have any normal, bright lights or screens after dark but if I do, these are a couple of options for glasses. These are that. I can’t check the chat, so I will go into the next category.

                                             Healthy food and drinks. We’ve got, all right, so I like tea. Arbor Teas is a more well known wider range, a little bit lower price point tea than some of the other ones that are on here. Really good organic teas, as sustainable as possible. A lot of fair trade carbon free business practices, things like that. It’s a pretty well known company, pretty big company. They’re from Michigan.

                                             Blue Willow Tea is a boutique tea shop that’s down the street here in Berkeley that is single origin. They go to the farms, the tea farms in Japan and Taiwan and other countries in Asia. These are multigenerational farmers, heirloom teas, beyond organic, beyond any type of certification, grown the same way that their grandfather’s, grandfather, grandfather, grandfather grew the tea on that land. They are world-class teas. These will change your perception of what tea can taste like. There’s another shop like that on this list too that’s further down, but really, really, really good stuff.

                                             Dry Farm Wines, if you subscribe to any other newsletters in the health space, you probably have heard about Dry Farm Wines. They look for no additives, no additional just crap the wine and they advertise that it’s hangover free wine. Now I’ve only drank Dry Farm Wines a couple of times. I don’t drink anymore. I had some when I was at a convention a few years ago. I had a few glasses of wine, I felt pretty good in the morning. Usually I feel like hell. Now, if I have a few glasses of wine, I can’t vouch for the hangover free claims, but it’s high quality stuff, it’s done as a subscription service, responsibly farmed, really clean, no additives, no preservatives, that kind of stuff, which is a lot of the things that make hangovers worse and make people feel worse.

                                             I’m not telling everyone to go drink a whole bunch of wine. I’m not one of those people that will twist like, yes, there are healthy components in red wine into, you should drink a ton of red wine all the time. But if you are, this is a really good option for it and they have an option, get an extra bottle of wine for a penny with your first subscription order.

                                             Four Sigmatic are really cool mushroom products. They have Mushroom Coffees, Mushroom Elixirs, different kinds of things made from mushrooms. I have at least four of their products. We use the Reishi Hot Chocolate. We use the Reishi on its own. We use the Chaga, Lion’s Mane and Cordyceps, and then I don’t do any of the coffees because I don’t really drink coffee, but people do like them. I like just the extract, like elixirs, but mushroom stuff is awesome. Adaptogenic, immune modulating, energy. Cordyceps is used for athletes and performance. Lion’s Mane is a brain tonic and neuro regeneration. Chaga and Reishi are more overall wellness. Really cool stuff from Four Sigmatic.

                                             H2BEV is something that Tyler, the hydromolecular hydrogen guy, I did a webinar a few months ago on the H2 Elite, the tablets that are in our shop for molecular hydrogen. H2BEV is something he recommended to me and introduced me to. It’s not perfect by the most strictest standards, but it does have really strong, measurable levels of hydrogen in the beverages. There’s a lot of hydrogen beverages on the market now, due to the research that’s coming out around it and most of them are nonsense. He’s tested them and most of them don’t live up to the minimums. This is really good stuff. Some of them have CBD in them and some are infused with green tea. These are some beverages that are molecular hydrogen. They’ve got some really impressive clinical studies behind some of their stuff in relation to inflammation and some GI disorders and some athletic performance recovery things. So pretty cool stuff, H2BEV.

                                             Kettle & Fire are really high quality, organic grass fed bone broths and soups. Pretty good to have a pinch. They have really good customer service and customer support programs too.

                                             Then Legit Bread Company is something I just found out about yesterday and I rushed to get it on the list. Jennifer Robins is another friend of mine that I didn’t know she had this company and these are gluten free, grain free, some of them grain-free, cause Mira loves to bake and she loves baking, but she hasn’t been able to eat gluten and baked things for so long. One of her main reactant foods is actually rice, and almost all gluten-free alternatives have rice in them. So when I found out Jennifer had this company, I said, do you have any mixes that don’t have rice? She does. She has several. So now there’s some on the way to our house and I wanted to get it in here, free shipping on orders over $75. Jennifer’s awesome, so I’d love it if our tribe could support her company, if you like baking and you’re gluten free, grain free. Really high quality stuff that she created because of her own auto-immunity and frustrations around baking. They even have bagel mixes. So pretty cool, I’m really excited for that to get here.

                                             Mad Monk Tea is the other super high end boutique tea shop. This was in my neighborhood in San Diego. Unbelievable. I would walk in and talk to these guys. Well, they would talk to me about tea for hours and I would just sip on the tea they had brewing on the table. They know as much about tea as anyone I’ve ever met and they import also single origin, single farm, single source beyond hydro, biodynamic, organic, all of that. Really, really, really incredible, amazing tea. I actually want to have them on a podcast or something just to talk tea, even though it’s sort of outside of the scope of anything with Rebel Health Tribe, just because there’s so much behind tea and the tradition of tea and the components of tea and brewing tea and different types of tea that was so fascinating to me that I guess I just want to push my fascination on everybody else, but it’s good to know, and Mad Monk is awesome.

                                             MUD\WTR is something that I personally drink. I actually usually usually mix it in a shake, drink it cold, but it’s made hot and it’s a mix of medicinal mushrooms, cacao, chai. There is a little bit of caffeine in it. Sea salt, cardimum I believe, turmeric. It’s a replacement for people who don’t want to drink coffee. It’s more akin to like a chai hot chocolate type of thing. Some people love the taste. I like the taste. Other people don’t like it because of the chai and it’s not sweet. So it would require a sweetener for those who like sweeter beverages, but they have some of the smoothest branding and marketing I’ve ever seen. Most of it is four letter words I’m not going to repeat on a webinar, but it’s really clever, it’s awesome. The company’s cool, the product is really good, so I wanted to include it on here.

                                             Nick’s Sticks, which are now sold pretty much everywhere. I know Nick Wallace, I used to buy meat from him out of the back of a freezer truck in Chicago, like 12 years ago when he was Wallace Farms, before Nick’s Sticks even existed. He bounced the idea off making sticks off me and a few other people to see if we thought it was a good idea, years and years and years ago and now Nick’s Sticks are sold all over the place. But here’s a way for you to order them direct from the company direct to your house, grass fed beef, there’s free range Turkey, and they just added chicken sticks, and I think they’ve got a couple more things coming in. His slogan is, all the goodness, none of the garbage. They’re like Slim Jims if it was made of real food. We always have these in our cabinet. Mira takes them to work as snacks in between her work and her work shifts. They’re perfect for hiking and camping and snacks and road trips and stuff like that.

                                             Primal Palate are Our friends as well, Bill and Haley Staley, delicious spices. They just came out with this cookie dough, organic and grain-free chocolate chip cookie dough mix. They have cookbooks, recipes, spices. We have a few of their spices on hand all the time. Their adobo and there’s a [inaudible] and a couple of other ones that we always have. Make cooking really easy. So there’s their stuff.

                                             Rasa is another coffee replacement. It’s like adaptogens. Again for people who like sweeter things, you’re going to have to add a little honey or something. I don’t. This has no caffeine, most of them. The right is the chocolate. The cacao one is the pink, has a tiny bit of caffeine. Then the yellow is the regular and the blue is bold. The bold is just like a heavier brew. I like these. I feel good when I drink them. They have to steep for like 15 minutes and then you strain it. Another coffee replacement for people who are either reactive to, or looking to get off coffee.

                                             US Wellness meats, grass fed, pastured, organic meats that ship straight to your door.

                                             Wallace Farms again, is Nick Wallace. This is another option for that. They usually do shipping. His farm is in Iowa. I’m not sure where the US Wellness meats is, but if you can’t access those two things, here’s a couple of sources for those.

                                             Let’s do meal deliveries, recipes, cooking. Factor 70, well now it’s just called Factor_. It was called Factor 75 when I tried it. But Mira moved up here three weeks before I did, so I was packing and getting ready to move and everything. I was packing the kitchen. I didn’t want to shop and cook and deal with dishes and all that for three weeks, so I ordered meals from them. As far as a pre cooked, comes in a box to your house that you heat up later meal, it’s as good as it can get. They’re good. I’m not going to [inaudible] they’re pretty affordable. It’s grass fed. It’s pastured, organic. It’s really good food. You can choose different options. Most of it’s gluten free, grain free type stuff, but you can choose different options. They’re not the biggest portions, but they’re not small either.

                                             The next two are Paleo on the Go and Pete’s Paleo. These are a little more pricey, a little more high end ingredients and a little bit bigger portions than the Factor_ is, but all of them are good. These come frozen. I believe they did when I got them, where the Factor_ is not frozen. It’s never frozen, it’s fresh, and then I just heat it in the oven.

                                             Then Sunbasket is an option for mostly organic, pretty high quality stuff that comes in meal kits. So you cook it, but it comes in meal kits. We did this for a while when we lived in San Diego and I really like it. I was always pretty impressed with the quality. The recipes are pretty easy to make and good. Each one takes about 30 minutes to prepare and it can be up to four servings. So then we would just get a few of them. We cooked them all at once and we’d have food for a few days.

                                             Miscellaneous, I think there’s only one in here. Mountain Rose Herbs sells all kinds of stuff, from essential oils to spices, to herb’s to, you name it. They have it. There’s teas there too. I just wanted to include that. The miscellaneous category will grow. Right now that’s all that’s in there.

                                             Nontoxic alternatives. Alitural is Andy Hnilo, is somebody I met when I spoke at Paleo f (x), years ago. This is his company. Really high quality stuff. Really nice guy. He’s been on our podcast a long time ago when we had the Rebel Health Tribe podcast. He had some skin issues after getting in a really horrific car accident and he developed this to help his own skin. It’s all super clean, super natural, and they have a bunch of cool products.

                                             Annmarie Skincare, these guys are one of my favorite companies to ever work with. They’re super nice, super friendly, really high quality products, all clean. You could pretty much eat anything that’s on their line. Kevin and Annmarie are really nice people that run the company. It was located in Berkeley here when it had a physical office, which it doesn’t anymore. They’re all virtual now, so I’m not sure where it’s coming from. But when Mira had her last flare, they sent us a big box of stuff saying, “Hope you get well,” and it had just a box of skincare and things like that in it. So it’s mostly skincare products there. They might have a few makeups, I’m not sure, but really high quality stuff, really nice people and really good company.

                                             Barenaked Botanicals. I’ve not used myself. This is actually a recommendation from several people in our audience. No animal byproducts, parabens, sodium lauryl sulfates, chemical solvents, all that kind of things. It looks like really basic, simple stuff and they gave us a 20% coupon with the code, REBELHEALTHTRIBE. So if you want to give it a try, you have a discount. That was recommended by several people and I made a post about recommendations.

                                             Berkey Filters are a good home water filter option. There’s a few people in our group that are experts on that so if you post in the Facebook group, there’ll be people that let you know and there’s different kinds of filters you can get. I know one of them is fluoride specific that a lot of people get and add on. So you might want to consider that, but Burkey’s a good tabletop home water filter option if you can’t afford or don’t want to deal with a whole house filtration system.

                                             Julva’s a product for the ladies from Dr. Anna Cabeca. I met her in a mastermind group I was in a couple of years ago. She also has a bunch of other products now and has expanded. She’s a triple-board-certified OB-GYN. The products have bio available, progesterone, pregnenolone, really powerful stuff. We joke all the time that I’m going to have her on a webinar so that she can embarrass me and we can talk about women’s products and OB-GYN stuff. So it’s been a running joke for a while, maybe we’ll make it happen. But the women from our community who have tried her products have always reached out to me and raved about them, so check out Dr. Anna.

                                             My Green Fills is a home laundry service that they send you refills of laundry detergent and different cleaners and things, so you don’t have to keep using plastic packaging. It comes in little packets, you just refill the thing over and over again. It’s a subscription service. Really affordable, it works really well, and it’s a good company. They have really strong offers right here for our group, and free hand soaps, 50 free loads of laundry soap, big discounts, so give that a shot if that’s something you’re interested in, reducing your footprint with laundry detergents and using something clean that works.

                                             O3 Waterworks. This was put on by Whitney, who packs and ships all your packages. I’ve not experienced it. It’s something made it home that creates a cleaner in the bottle there, like a sprayer. So $10 off the bottle, laundry machine or bundled deal. It creates ozone water basically, is what it looks like. So I have a machine for that at home. It’s antibacterial, antimicrobial. I’m trying to just read through here. Sanitizes surfaces. So that’s a big deal right now. Showing here, sanitizing produce. We use ozone water for washing our produce that we bring home from the store now and cleaning the bags that go to the store and cleaning Mira’s work stuff. This seems to be something right up the alley for those looking for home cleaning products.

                                             Then The Dirt, I know Shannon and Joe are the founders of The Dirt and they have the, I like the powder myself, but they also have a toothpaste and a mouthwash. All natural, super clean, interesting flavors, works really well. They have a cinnamon that I like. They have a cacao mint, different flavors than normal for those kinds of things. It’s just a really cool company. They post a lot about what they do for their employees. It’s a really good company to work for, so I like to support that.

                                             Supplements, there’s a couple of things being added here soon, but right now is Holozyme. These are really awesome digestive enzymes. We looked into retailing them in the shop, but it made more sense to do it this way. These are from Steve Wright, from SCD lifestyle. Steve and Jordan are friends of ours and Steve has had lifelong digestive issues and basically got super frustrated and decided to formulate his own products that would work. We’re using these now here, and we’re going to be doing a webinar with Steve to talk about Holozyme’s digestive enzymes on the 29th of this month in September. So if you see this later, nevermind. There’ll be a webinar button right under here of the replay, but in a couple of weeks, we’re going to talk about enzymes and why these are so effective versus standard digestive enzymes, but we’ve been using them here for a week or two, and I really liked them, so we just got them. I just found out about them and I wanted to bring him on a webinar, so those are here.

                                             OM Mushrooms. I have three of these tubs in my cabinet. I have the cordyceps. I have the reishi and I have their immune blend. I throw it in a shake with the MUD\WTR in the morning and with this Synchro powder right here. So if I’m going to do that, I do the mushrooms with the Synchro Genesis, which is like a meal replacement kind of thing. It does have pea protein, which a lot of people don’t do that well with. I do fine with it and has a bunch of other really interesting ingredients. They also have a great turmeric product there. So personally, me, I throw in the mushrooms with the Synchro, with the MUD\WTR and that’s kind of like my morning drink if I am not going to be eating breakfast.

                                             The Blessed Seed is black seed oil. Black seed oil is a tonic that’s been used for centuries, probably longer, that comes from black cumin seed. The old myth around it is that it cures everything except death. These products from this company are the purest, strongest, most potent by far of any on the market. I’ve researched it quite a bit. I would, if you’re curious about black seed oil, they also have a lot of educational information there that you can check out.

                                             I think that’s all we’ve got up right now because the education books and experiences is not up yet. So right now, that’s all we have. It’s about 40 companies. A lot of them have offers and like I said, this is all of them in one place. We are going to do a monthly Wellness Vaults webinar. I have one scheduled with Dr. Porter from BrainTap. I have one scheduled with the people from HeartMath. I have one scheduled with Steve Wright for the Holozyme. I think I have one other one scheduled.

                                             So the next three to four months are scheduled and eventually we’ll get through all of these and we’re going to continually add, so if you have stuff you want to see in here, let me know, I’ll check it out. If it fits the criteria, we’d be happy to add it. We’re going to try to negotiate more and more discounts and coupons for you guys to try to make some of this stuff more affordable. But already, right now, I know on the red light therapy, it’s $45 to 75 off for Rebel Health Tribe customers. So there’s some additions and modifications we need to make to this to get everything up to date. I know SOMAVEDIC has an offer too, and so we need to tweak some of these things, but hopefully this is useful.

                                             We just want to provide something of value, a spot for you guys to shop in full transparency. Some of these do have affiliate programs where we earn a small commission on referrals. I’d say about half of them do, and half of them don’t. A lot of companies will only make recommendations to things that they get commissioned for. I did not want to disqualify a company if they don’t have a margin that is large enough to offer commissions and they still make really good stuff. So some of these companies don’t offer any commissions at all, and that’s totally fine, and we’re just trying to find the best stuff.

                                             So I’m going to stop my share. I’m going to check the chat. If anybody has any questions at all, or any comments or anything that you’d like to see up there, I’m totally here to talk for a few minutes if you’d like. If not, we can kind of just wrap it and you guys can go shopping if you’d like to and respond to the emails, shoot me a message, post on the Facebook group. Anything, if there are any products or services or offerings that you really like, that you use, that you find are high quality and useful, and I’d be happy to look them up.

                                             Oh, there’s a question. SOMAVEDIC scalar tech. They don’t use that term, I don’t believe, but they have a lot of things that would answer that question on their website if you want to go over there. The science of those types of things is way over my head so I will bring somebody on from there to do a webinar and answer questions, but they’re not questions that I can answer directly. I just went off the personal referrals of about five of my friends and colleagues who raved about it, so that’s how I got it up there.

                                             I don’t see any more questions, I’m going to end the webinar. It’s on the website. So if you go there, there’s now a tab that says Wellness Vault, all the categories are right below it. I hope it’s high value for everybody. I hope you like it. We’ll post this video on the blog as a tour with a link to there and I will clean up some of the missing buttons and webinar links and discounts in the next couple of days and we will make sure that it’s all up and running as well as possible.

                                             Look for the bookshop coming soon, and even before then look up It’s a really cool website. You can order most of the books you’d be looking for and you support local and independent bookshops, and not Amazon and not giant conglomerates. So it’s very cool. I just need to put together all of my favorite health and wellness books in one place and then publish that. So I hope you like it, I hope you find it valuable. I hope you find stuff that you like. If you try stuff and you like it, let me know. If you try stuff and you don’t like it, let me know so we can always keep that updated to the best way possible for our audience. Thanks for hanging out. Thanks for checking out the Wellness Vault. I will see everybody soon.

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