Zen Now: Get Calm and Clear in 10 minutes or less

Chel Hamilton

April 8, 2018

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Ready to find your calm, sweet zen spot to lift your day?


It’s important that you only listen to this audio when you are in a place where you are safe to close your eyes and relax. And in 10 minutes or less, we will get calm and clear to get your Zen on. But the beauty of this process is after you’ve gone through it, you can actually begin to just tap into or dip down into that calm, clear state inside throughout the day, without it even taking 10 minutes. It can literally begin to be a breath or two or three. Because once you get someplace, then you know how to go there again.


And so if you haven’t done so already, go ahead and make yourself comfortable in your chair. Close your eyes and allow the sound of my voice and the music to ever so gently begin to take you down that rambling path inside, where the body relaxes the mind and the mind along with it, turning your attention now to the feeling of the air just at the edges of your nose as you breathe in and exhale again. And it’s a very subtle sensation of the breath in, the edges of the nostrils and the exhale there, too, and you may even notice with interest the pauses in between as you breathe in and exhale again.


And as you breathe, I’d like you to notice, if you haven’t noticed already, that soft sensation. Perhaps it feels like an airiness, a spaciousness that’s beginning to develop there across your forehead. And what would it be like if with every breath in you was filling your brain, your mind with the most relaxing lightness. A floating kind of feeling inside your mind.


And with every exhale, imagine your thoughts slowing down, drifting away as you create a little more spaciousness inside. Like the way one might feel at the beach on a beautiful day, just standing there looking out at the horizon line, where the sea meets the sky. So calm, so clear.  That space of blue above and below that just goes on and on and on, as far as one can see.



As you breathe and be, you might even think to yourself what the air smell like if I actually was right now at the sea, at the beach? How would that air feel on my skin? What sounds would I hear?  The waves, the wind, people laughing perhaps, seagulls crying in the air. As you breathe and be.


And imagine that sense of calm clarity there in your mind now beginning to settle down into your shoulders. Settling even more deeply now into your cheeks and jaw. What would that feel like as you breathe in and exhale again? Imagining that calm, clear feeling now moving down into your chest, into your stomach and hips as you breathe in. Pause and exhale again.


And allowing the music in your own gentle imaging and breathing to take you even more powerfully into that calm, clear space inside, like a beautiful clear ball. And everything becomes so much calmer. So much more relaxed. And I don’t know if you’re going to notice it right now or perhaps you’ll notice it an hour from now, when you realize that the things that were troubling you, they just don’t seem as troublesome anymore. It’s like you’ve gotten to them in a different angle, a different view. And it just seems so much more manageable than it seemed before.


Think of yourself late on in your day just stopping for a moment and taking a few breaths, imagining yourself there at the beach again. The waves washing the shore, as you look out at that horizon line of calm clarity where the sea meets the sky, and fluffy white clouds ever so gently drift by as you breathe in, pause, and exhale again.



And continuing now to imagine that calm, clear feeling making its way into your thighs and calves, all the way down to your feet. Breathing in clarity. Feels so good and easy to do. More and more, it just becomes what you can choose more automatically, because now that you’ve been here, you know how to get there again quickly, easily, and powerfully, even in just a few breaths throughout your day.


Eyes open or eyes closed, it will be up to you to choose to tap into this place of calm clarity that is always within you.


Thank you so much for spending some of your day with me today. I’m Chel Hamilton. If you enjoyed this meditation and would like more like it, I have a free podcast, the Meditation Minis podcast. You can find it on iTunes, your favorite podcast catcher, as well as Spotify. Thank you for relaxing with me today and have a wonderful week.