Joey is a Husband, Father, and Pioneering Epigenetic Specialist. Joey has devoted over 20,000 hours of diligent research in the health arena. Understanding the current medical field is flawed and failing, Joey decided not to pursue a medical degree. Rather, he is self-educated through an unwavering curiosity of how things work in the body. "Don't confuse education with schooling" - Elon Musk He originally decided to make health his top priority based on his background, which was initially in research and data collection for an International I.G.O. (Inter-Governmental Organization). He specialized in extracting data from complex legal documents, to ultimately obtain FREEDOM. Having studied law, the etymology of language, history, and religion, Joey realized that all his efforts to acquire more freedom didn't mean a thing without good health. Having good health is the first key to obtaining independence from a broken system. In 2015 Joey moved into the field of Human BioAcoustic Biology and used NASA technology, based on frequency, to generate wellness management reports for clients attempting to discover underlying health issues to reverse the frequency pattern of dis-ease more efficiently. In 2018, in an effort to reduce costs associated with unnecessary testing, Clearwater Remedies and DNA Diligence™ were born. Being constantly on the hunt for the latest in cutting-edge research gives him a unique advantage in the health industry. He has stated time and time again "If you don't know what you're looking for, you'll never know where to find it".

healthy cell traffic and communication

Healthy Cell Traffic and Communication

Healthy Cell Traffic: Red Light, Red light, Turn to Green Healthy cell traffic and communication matters. As many of us commute to and from throughout the day using various vehicles for transportation we often don’t think about our bodies own traffic system. We drive our cars from here to there and encounter traffic along the…