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HCL Guard™ improves your bowel movements, soothe bloating, optimize digestion speed and create stronger hair. Unlike other stomach acid support, HCL Guard+™ has prokinetic, Intrinsic Factor and healing herbs all in one holistic capsule.

85% of customers that buy this product give it a 4 or 5-Star reviews.

“Helps me efficiently digest protein and fat on Carnivore diet.”

Franny (FL, US) HCL Guard Review

Most Doctors Don’t Even Test For This Stomach Disorder

Despite there being 2,113 research papers listed on Pubmed.com, most doctors still fail to understand how poor stomach acid creates so many of our digestive complaints.

Research started in the 1830’s shows that stomach acid needs to be strong in order to properly digest foods. Sadly, a MYTH of high acid was promoted for almost 30 years now… yet when doctors who regularly test stomach acid levels they find:

  • Dr. Steven Sandberg-Lewis (ND) a Professor of Gastrology says that in his clinic 75% of the patients who have reflux have also tested for having low stomach acid.
  • Dr. Jonathan Wright (MD) says in his book that 90% of the patients in his clinic have low stomach acid.

In other words, when doctors actually test those who complain of digestive upset, they find on average more people have low stomach acid production than high acid. Sadly, this means there’s high odds you could be suffering low acid production.

My guess is that your doctor never mentioned the issue OR has assumed that you have high acid production without performing testing.


This is unfortunate, because the treatments for high acid (such as PPI’s) are linked to further digestive issues like SIBO, bone loss, kidney issues, other gut health and brain problems.

Why Does Our Stomach Acid Need Boosting?

If you eat a healthy diet but still experience:

Occasional constipation, diarrhea, heartburn
Heaviness or fullness after eating
Bloating or gassiness
Burping and stomach noises
Hair, skin and nail complaints
Mood issues and lowered energy

And you are over the age of 40 (especially over 60) then stomach acid disorder is something that might be affecting you.

A 2001 study showed 40 percent of Japanese men and women over 50 years of age suffered from achlorhydria (no stomach acid production).

In an American study, 31.5 % of men and women over 60 suffer from low acid production.

These studies (as well as others) show that there are several reasons stomach acid declines

Natural aging process
Stressful times & hurried eating
H pylori and other infections
Low quality food

Feel the Amazing Relief – Often in Only 7 Days Time…

The really amazing thing about low stomach acid is that it doesn’t take long to find out if it’s part of the issues you’re experiencing.

You can request your doctor to order you one of these 3 tests:

  • Direct Acid Aspiration
  • The Heidelberg Test
  • The SmartPill Test

However, there may only be 1,000 or so doctors who conduct them – and they often cost $300-$500 dollars.

But the good news is: There’s a much cheaper at-home remedy that will tell you (usually within 7 days) if you have low acid levels.

And if it turns out you don’t need stomach acid support, we’ll make sure you get your money back (minus shipping and handling).


“Works better than other brands that I have tried!”

Kim (MI, US)

How Does HCL Guard+ Give Holistic Stomach Help?

Most people don’t know that a healthy stomach produces enough acid at each meal to be more acidic than battery acid. The human stomach is an amazing organ and needs the necessary acid to:

  • Begin the breakdown of your foods
  • Unfold “protein balls” so enzymes can do their work
  • Activate the protein enzyme, Pepsin
  • Liberate B12, calcium, magnesium and other essential minerals
  • Kill or sterilize incoming bugs that could harm us
  • Helps jumpstart peristalsis (digestive waves)
  • Signal the digestive hormone CCK to release bile salts and enzymes

So the right amount of stomach acid is critical to the breakdown of foods, release of nutrients, sterilization of foods, the speed and quality of your digestion.

What Boosting Your Stomach Strength Can Do

HCL Guard+ is a biomimicking stomach support supplement designed to support each of the issues mentioned above, which makes us different from all the other supplements on the market. Until now, no one has attempted to holistically support the entire stomach.

Here’s What the HCL Guard+ Advanced Biomimicking Formula Does:

  • Supports healthy inflammation levels
  • Helps improve nutrient digestion and therefore energy metabolism
  • Improves skin, hair, nails, and moods by optimizing amino acid digestion
  • Supports bodies self defenses against bad bugs
  • Helps repair the mucus layer and stomach cells
  • Helps to stimulate the stomach muscles to move food properly through the body
  • Helps regulate digestion speed issues
  • What Boosting Your Stomach Strength Can Do

Which means you can…

  • Get back to feeling the way you want to
  • Eat more of the delicious foods you love
  • Have easier and more dependable digestion
  • Decrease gut problems and pain
  • Increase energy and enjoyment of food
  • STOP letting “bad bugs” walk right into your body and setup home
  • START living and doing the activities you’ve been wanting to enjoy
  • All of this is possible when you (holistically) support the stomach in doing its job.

All of this is possible when you (holistically) support the stomach in doing its job.

9 Reasons HCL Guard+ is Better:

There are 9 powerful reasons why HCL Guard+ is a premier professional grade stomach support supplement AND the only Holistic stomach support on the market.

Includes Intrinsic Factor

Which is needed to protect vitamin B12 and allow it to be absorbed in the lower part of the small intestine. While it’s a normal part of stomach juices, it can be depleted in low acid situations causing B12 malabsorption issues.

Most Bioavailable Pepsin

Pepsin is a powerful protein breakdown enzyme in the stomach that is only activated at proper acid pH levels. Ours is the strongest on the market (pork based – 3000 to 1 strength), which means it could be 40% stronger than beef pepsin.

Powerful Motility Support

We also include a very generous amount of organic ginger powder, which is traditionally known to support the stomach but in recent research, shows it helps the lower stomach to produce stronger peristalsis waves.

Asian Stomach Soothing Herb

DGL is a very special form of licorice root that doesn’t raise blood pressure. It is extremely popular in many Asian countries to help heal the digestive cells and lining. DGL specifically helps soothe the stomach lining. 

Powerful Acid Support

Each capsule of HCL Guard+ includes 550mg of betaine hydrochloride which is the main component of stomach acid and has been shown in research studies to restore proper acid levels.

No Fillers, Flow Agents & Junk

Rest easy knowing that we use no added fillers or added junk into our capsules. Nothing but the necessary powerful ingredients to support your body on your road to holistic health.

No Gluten or Major Allergens

HCL Guard+ is hypoallergenic, which means that it causes fewer allergic reactions. so you can focus on healing – not on having to inspect your labels for hidden ingredients. 

No GMO’s

HCL Guard+ unlike many other products marketed in the same class – contains no Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) so we include no GMOs ever. Read that again, no GMOs – ever!

How to Use HCL Guard+

Frequently Asked Questions

A: HCL Guard+ is for anyone who wants to get the most nutrients from their food. It’s for anyone who’s having sluggish, sour, heavy, or slow digestion.

It also helps for those who have SIBO and other infections and their peristalsis isn’t working as they’d like.

HCL Guard+ is for anyone who’s having lower than normal stomach acid levels. This could be a result of infections, high stress, aging over 50 and or other issues.

It’s especially helpful for increasing energy, mood, and hair / nail quality. These improvements are often a direct relationship to finally absorbing amino acids, B-vitamins and minerals.

A: It starts with the fact that HCL Guard+ is designed to help you heal your stomach cells and muscles. Retraining your stomach how to work so hopefully months in the future you won’t need it.

Beyond that, HCL Guard+ features Advanced Biomicking Stomach Support (™) which is the first ever on the market blend of the 3 most important parts of stomach acid (HCL + pepsin + Intrinsic Factor).

All other HCL’s therefore are lacking Intrinsic Factor needed for B12 absorption.

HCL Guard+ also contains DGL and Ginger which help heal the cells and create the right muscle contractions.

A: No. HCL Guard+ does NOT contain any major allergens and is GMO free.

A: Each bottle is good for 2 years from the date of manufacturing. An order placed today will be good for at least 18-20 months depending on that date.

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