Gut Microbiome Digestion

Featuring unique blends of prebiotics, probiotics, enzymes, and other nutrients, our gut microbiome and digestion supplements are designed to support optimal gut health.
  • MegaSporeBiotic

    MegaSporeBiotic™ is a 100% spore-based, broad-spectrum probiotic shown to be effective in promoting gut health. Looking for a...

  • MegaMucosa

    MegaMucosa is the first complete mucosal support supplement of its kind, formulated to support a healthy mucosal barrier....

  • MegaIgG2000 | Capsules

    Mega IgG2000 is a dairy-free immunoglobulin concentrate that supports healthy digestion and maintains healthy gut barrier function. Unlike...

    Mega IgG2000
  • HU58 High Potency Bacillus Subtilis (High Potency Probiotic)

    High Potency Probiotic. HU58™ is a high potency dose of Bacillus subtilis HU58 formulated to enhance the efficacy...