Foundations & Optimization

Our foundations and optimization supplements help you optimize your mind and body! These powerful supplements provide the nutrients your body needs to perform at its best. From improving cognitive function to boosting energy levels, Foundations & Optimization supplements can help you achieve optimal health.

  • MegaCidin

    MegaCidin™ is a robust, next-generation throat spray that contains a unique and potent combination of ingredients clinically proven...

  • MegaViron

    MegaViron™ is an unrivaled, rapid-acting immune supplement formulated with potent herbs with antioxidant properties for seasonal immune support....

  • MegaMune

    MegaMune™ is a triple action formula that can help maintain a healthy immune response for any time of...

  • Pectasol Powder

    PectaSol Powder formulated by EcoNugenics for those who strive for longevity. Designed to support the aging cellular processes...

    Pectasol Powder