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The Microbiome Series

Watch the entire Microbiome Series for free right now. This is the most extensive resource anywhere containing vital information you need to get healthy and stay healthy. “All disease begins in the gut.” Learn how to create a healthy gut microbiome now!

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The Garden Series

The Garden Series is our brand new webinar series dedicated entirely to gardening covering everything from the basics to advanced plant nutrition, community gardening, and more!

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The Human Longevity Project

Join us for an exciting journey around the world to uncover the key lifestyle, environmental, and physiological components to avoid chronic disease and increase health span and vitality.

The Science of the Chakras & Benefits of Meditation

Benefits Of Meditation Have you ever noticed that when you get stressed out your body has a physiological response to the emotions that you are going through? Whether you have good or bad stress you are dealing with your body responds to all of the thoughts being...

The Sun Sessions: Part One   The Sun Sessions Hi. My name is Jason Boyd. I am a functional diagnostic nutrition practitioner at Bio+Logical Health and Nutrition. As a functional health practitioner, I get asked quite a bit what's the most important factor in...

How Everyday Exposures to Chemicals Might Be Making Us Fat

Can the chemicals in our shampoo make us fat? An emerging field of research is saying “yes.” While the idea that the chemicals in our personal care products, household cleaners, or even the water we drink might be making us fat may sound crazy, there’s evidence to...

The Hierarchy Of Weightloss

So you want to lose some weight? And while you've spent the large majority of your life putting on all those extra pounds, you'd rather get rid of them a little more quickly.  Besides, you have a job, a family, and even what you're fortunate enough to call a...

3 Holiday Party Headaches You Can Avoid This Year

Have you ever had to make an early exit from a party because your head was throbbing? Or maybe you suffered through the headache, but were soo relieved when you could go home and rest… All too often I hear from people who feel like they are missing out on the best...

Busy Mom’s Guide to Surviving the Holidays

The holidays can be such a wonderful time of year while at the same time the most stressful time of the year. There are the parties to attend, gifts to buy, school activities….and then the kids are off from school, aghh! The kids are excited to have time off while you...