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Navigating this year’s life of chaos with Brie Wieselman

GUEST: Brie Wieselman
rie Wieselman, LAc is a Functional Medicine Practitioner who works virtually with patients around the world - and in this episode, she shares some tips, suggestions, and real-life experience around navigating the life chaos of this year.

A Microbiologist’s Perspective on the Current Global Health Situation

GUEST: Kiran Krishnan
Microbiologist Kiran Krishnan shares his perspective on the current global health situation, including his early-life fascination with infectious disease, simple steps/actions one can take to keep their home clean & safe, and some relevant science/physiology.

Microbiome Series 2.0: Episode 1: Meet Your Microbiome

GUEST: Kiran Krishnan
To kick off Microbiome Series 2.0 we spent a half hour with our good friend and resident Microbiologist Kiran Krishnan to re-introduce everyone to the Microbiome, and how it has a role in everything in your overall health.

Microbiome Series 2.0: Episode 2: Tune Your Immune System

GUEST: Kiran Krishnan
Tune Your Immune System By Optimizing Your Gut Health. Kiran Krishnan, our amazing friend and brilliant Microbiologist joins us for a special presentation of the Microbiome Series 2.0!

Microbiome Series 2.0: Episode 3: Metabolism, Weight Loss, and Out of Control Food Cravings

GUEST: Kiran Krishnan
Learn How Your Microbiome Plays A Major Roll In Metabolism, Weight Loss and Out-Of-Control Food Cravings. How this certain type of gut bacteria can almost force you to eat sugar!

Microbiome Series 2.0: Episode 4: The Microbiome and Autoimmune Disease Link

GUEST: Kiran Krishnan
Find Out How People Are Actually Reversing Autoimmune Disease And Getting Their Lives Back. Our microbiome plays a massive role in the training, stimulation, and regulation of our immune system.

Microbiome Series 2.0: Episode 5: The Microbiome and Infections and Overgrowths

GUEST: Kiran Krishnan
Learn How To Create Balance In The Gut. Discover What Your Doctor Isn’t Telling You About IBS, Candida, SIBO, Parasites And More And Steps To Take To Finally Get Relief!

Microbiome Series 2.0: Episode 6: The Gut-Brain Connection

GUEST: Kiran Krishnan
Learn how the Gut and microbiome can strongly influence your brain, cause brain fog, depression, cravings & more.

Microbiome Series 2.0: Episode 7: LPS-Based Endotoxicity

GUEST: Kiran Krishnan
Learn how LPS Endotoxicity is at the root of virtually all chronic disease.

Microbiome Series 1.0: Episode 1: Infections, Overgrowth, and Dysbiosis

GUEST: Kiran Krishnan
In this episode, we discuss what can go wrong in regards to microbiome health and balance. Topics such as SIBO (Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth), Candida/yeast/fungus, parasites, and general dysbiosis (wrong bugs) will be discussed.