Rebel Health Tribe

Navigating this year’s life of chaos with Brie Wieselman

rie Wieselman, LAc is a Functional Medicine Practitioner who works virtually with patients around the world – and in this episode, she shares some tips, suggestions, and real-life experience around navigating the life chaos of this year.

Rebel Health Tribe

Microbiome Series 2.0: Episode 1: Meet Your Microbiome

To kick off Microbiome Series 2.0 we spent a half hour with our good friend and resident Microbiologist Kiran Krishnan to re-introduce everyone to the Microbiome, and how it has a role in everything in your overall health.

Rebel Health Tribe

Microbiome Series 1.0: Episode 2: Microbiome And Autoimmune

Our microbiome plays a massive role in the training, stimulation, and regulation of our immune system. The more we learn about the functions of healthy gut microbes, we realized that a healthy microbiome is absolutely essential to a healthy, optimally-functioning immune system.

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