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Fibrenza Series 12: Lipase Enzyme

Lipase enzymes break down and metabolize fats. Your body makes different types of lipases, it targets different types of fats, and converts fats into different types of fatty acids, and it’s very important to have lipases within your gut itself because…

Enzyme Series 11: Amylase Enzyme

Ever heard that digestion begins in the mouth? Read on to learn more about the important role of amylase in saliva and digestion.

Enzyme Series 10: Superoxide Dismutase

Superoxide dismutase, or SOD is important for detoxification and oxidative damage. Why might one find superoxide dismutase in a systemic enzyme product, or what does it do? Why would we want to take it, possibly? Keep reading to find out…

Enzyme Series 9: Serrapeptase Enzyme

Serrapeptase can be made in the gut, so it can be natural. But it’s typically found in silkworms to break out of the cocoon. It’s known to have anti-inflammatory, antiedemic effects, and…

Enzyme Series 8: Trypsin Enzyme

Trypsin is also made by the pancreas and is a digestive enzyme. It also works well against things like osteoarthritis and reducing joint inflammation. In some places they use it for…

Autoimmune Masterclass 2024

Autoimmune Masterclass brings together 17 of the world’s leading doctors, researchers, and experts on autoimmune diseases who each present their own mini-class on autoimmunity.

Toxicity & Detoxification Masterclass

The toxicity and Detoxification Masterclass covers a wide array of topics with the following guests: 1. Lara Adler, Environmental Toxins Educator 2. Andrea Nakayama, Functional Medicine Nutritionist 3. Maya Shetreat, MD 4. Jill Carnahan, MD 5. Jaclyn Downs, Functional NutriGenomics 6. Dr. Jared Seigler 7. Eric Gordon, MD 8. Jennifer Fugo, MS, CNS 9. Dr. […]

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5-Week Functional Neurology w/ Dr. Jared Seigler

Learn how to improve your brain health and function with this Functional Neurology course from Dr. Jared Seigler.

Dr. Seigler is a Certified Functional Medicine Provider with over 450 hours of Functional Neurology training focused on bringing awareness to the healing potential of the human body. He has trained over 300 clinicians in functional medicine and functional neurology, and now you can learn directly from Dr. Seigler yourself!

Get answers to what chronic & mystery symptoms may mean and how to overcome them naturally.

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