[Webinar Replay] New Research on the Gut-Brain Connection & Psychobiotics with Kiran Krishnan

We are joined by our favorite microbiologist, Kiran Krishnan, to discuss some exciting new discoveries and research pertaining to the powerful gut-brain connection. Kiran shares how a dysfunctional gut becomes toxic to your brain, driving mood, focus, sleep, and memory problems!
Learn the intimate connection between the gut and brain (and how it’s actually the “first” brain – and not the second), the 2 biggest drivers of brain toxicity that come from gut dysbiosis, and how a perpetual cycle of gut-brain inflammation drives mood and sleep disorders! Want to know how to end this cycle and stop the escalating toxicity on the brain? Tune into this webinar replay!

[Webinar Replay] ‘State of RHT’ Webinar with RHT Co-Founder, Michael Roesslein

We have some BIG NEWS to share with you – and we’d also love to hear from you… so Michael hosted a LIVE Webinar to share some details of what’s going on at RHT, and what’s coming soon! Michael talks about what has been going on behind-the-scenes at RHT this year; he has some big personal news and announce some NEW products…