Take Your Understanding of the Brain & Nervous System to the Next Level!

Is your brain not quite as sharp as it used to be? Do you have a history of concussions? Suffer from memory loss, depression, anxiety, or other chronic health issues that you just can’t figure out?

Would you like some clarity in understanding the physiology of the brain and nervous system, how it pertains to your overall health, and what can be done to optimize and balance? Are you curious about how factors like blood sugar, sleep, inflammation, and autoimmune conditions can be tied to the health of the brain and regulation of the nervous system?

Are you hyper-sensitive to everything and haven’t been able to figure out why? These subjects and many others will be clearly covered during the 5-Week Functional Neurology Deep Dive featuring Dr. Jared Seigler!

Dr. Seigler is a Certified Functional Medicine Provider with over 450 hours of Functional Neurology training focused on bringing awareness to the healing potential of the human body. He has trained over 300 clinicians in functional medicine and functional neurology, and now you can learn directly from Dr. Seigler yourself!

JSW Week 1

JSW Week 2

JSW Week 3

JSW Week 4

JSW Week 5

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