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Unlock Your Body’s Potential with Phototherapy Technology

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Alison Vickery, FDN-P

Alison Vickery is a certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner (FDN-P) who has also been trained at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, WellCoaches School of Coaching, and in Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt’s Autonomic Response Testing – among many other advanced trainings and certifications.

Alison works with clients from around the world who suffer with complex chronic health conditions and mystery symptoms after being forced to navigate her own chronic health journey – which included diagnoses of mast cell activation syndrome (MCAS), chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), chronic inflammatory response syndrome (CIRS) due to mold exposure, and the after-effects of a brain injury.

She has now been mentored under some of the leading practitioners in functional medicine and integrative health – and is a sought-after expert on a number of topics and conditions in the complex health & healing world.

Michael Roesslein,
Co-Founder, Rebel Health Tribe

Michael Roesslein holds a master’s degree in exercise physiology, is a certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, and has completed several intensive professional training programs in trauma release, breathwork, somatic therapy, meditation, energetics, and psychology.

He has been a creator and producer of high-value health & wellness educational content for over a decade, and brings a deep curiosity and enthusiasm into his collaborations with the leading luminaries and thought-leaders in the wellness world.

Discover Phototherapy Technology for Wellness

Join us LIVE on Saturday afternoon (it’s difficult to find a time that works for Australia, Europe AND North America) to explore how non-invasive phototherapy patches can elevate your natural health journey. 

These patches, applied to specific acupuncture points, harness your body’s bio-electrical energy to promote healing. They are designed to enhance stem cell production, improve sleep, energy levels, mood, and reduce stress and pain. Suitable for those with chronic conditions or an interest in alternative therapies, this session will provide insights into integrating these patches with existing health protocols and medications.

Real-life Transformations and Applications

We’ll share personal experiences and community stories demonstrating the patches’ impact on wellness. While we do not claim medical benefits, the observed changes, like reversal of aging signs and faster recovery post-injuries, are noteworthy. Learn about this innovative approach to wellness, especially for those who struggle with traditional supplements.

For any health practitioners out there – this can be a game-changer for your most complex, difficult clients & patients… so please join us!

Grab Your Spot at This LIVE Webinar Today!

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