Deeper Layers of Healing for Chronic Health Symptoms (When Protocols Don't Work)

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Dr. Cathleen King, Founder of Primal Trust

Dr. Cathleen King, DPT is a doctor of physical therapy who loves teaching neuroscience principles.  She is an intuitive mind-body practitioner, mom, and the founder and CEO of the Primal Trust™ Academy & Community. Her superpower is helping people with chronic health conditions see the patterns that have bound them, help them regulate their nervous systems through a multifaceted brain-body approach, and create transformational life changes.

She found her own liberation from over a decade of debilitating chronic Lyme disease, mold illness, microbiome imbalance, CFS, PTSD and a host of other challenges that left her mainly bed-bound in a dark room. After unlocking her own healing through neuroplasticity based methods and own intuitive approach, she created the Primal Trust™ Academy & Community to combine the latest neuroscience education, wisdom from mind-body leaders, top-down brain retraining, and bottom-up somatic healing techniques to help others reclaim vibrant health.

Her program and style have the vibe of challenging the status quo, while also co-existing with other methodologies. Her courses interweave biomedical teaching, neuroscience, with both ancient and modern mind-body wisdom.

Michael Roesslein, MSc, FDN
Co-Founder, Rebel Health Tribe

Michael Roesslein is the founder of RHT, a certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, and has produced high-quality health & wellness educational content for the last decade.





Do you (or someone in your life) suffer from complex health conditions and mystery symptoms that don’t seem to budge (or disappear all together) with standard functional medicine approaches? Are you curious how trauma and nervous system dysregulation contribute to chronic dis-ease (and are the keys to regaining health)? Does the “healing journey” feel like a never-ending, confusing, and overwhelming loop that you find yourself stuck on?

Are you looking for ways to truly heal, on a deeper level – so that you can finally regain your health, vitality, and joy for life?
Then you will absolutely want to join us for this LIVE webinar with Dr. Cathleen King, the founder of Primal Trust. During this invaluable discussion, we will share:
  • The truth about the healing journey (HINT: It’s not linear, and there is no “end”.)
  • Our own experience as wounded healers who still struggle from time to time with setbacks – and how to cultivate self-compassion instead of frustration
  • How to approach trauma healing, brain retraining, and nervous system regulation in a way that your system can actually handle.
  • Why befriending our symptoms, challenges, and setbacks is essential when embarking on a holistic healing journey
  • First steps you can take today to start moving the needle in a positive direction in regards to addressing the deep, underlying root causes of chronic health challenges
This and so much more will be discussed during this free, 1-hour webinar with Dr. Cathleen King. Michael has collaborated with Dr. Cat several times in the last few years on other platforms – and he’s very excited to introduce her brilliant work to you, the RHT community!

Grab Your Spot at This LIVE Webinar Today!

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