Deep Dive: Probiotics, Kid's Microbiome, Skin Health, Vitamin D & More!

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Kiran Krishnan
Microbiome and Gut Health Educator

Microbiologist, Kiran Krishnan is the founder and CEO of Microbiome Labs and one of the most sought-after educators in the entire functional health industry. He is a featured speaker at dozens of professional conferences around the world every year – and has educated tens of thousands of doctors and health practitioners.

Michael Roesslein, MSc, FDN
Co-Founder, Rebel Health Tribe

Michael Roesslein is the founder of RHT, a certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, and has produced high-quality health & wellness educational content for the last decade.

Join host and RHT founder, Michael Roesslein for this LIVE event and learn directly from one of the leading microbiome and gut health educators in the industry!

We will be covering BIG topics including probiotics, microbiome health for kids, the best way to take Vitamin D, how the gut impacts the health of your skin, and much more! If you’ve attended one of our webinars with Kiran before – you know what’s coming… they’re LOADED!

Grab Your Spot at This LIVE Webinar Today!

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